DiscoverVigilVigil Part 4.5: Update 2
Vigil Part 4.5: Update 2

Vigil Part 4.5: Update 2

Update: 2022-09-23


Vigil Part 4.5: Update 2

Maria provides a second update on the show. This time she answers some fan questions, and has one of her own: Who is Morse?

Content Warning: This episode contains mentions of surveillance, access to financial accounts, digital threats, and stalking. It may not be suitable for all audiences. Listener discretion is advised.

Vigil is a superhero, audio fiction thriller in ten parts from Adam Qutaishat (Button Podcasts) and All In Productions.

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Episode Transcript (May Contain Spoilers):

VOICE OVER: This episode contains strong language and themes that may not be suitable for all audiences. Please check the show notes for details about the specific content and a full transcription of the episode.

MARIA: Hi. It’s Maria from Hero Trackers. But I can probably just start saying it’s Maria from Vigil. When we started making this show, we weren’t sure anyone was even going to listen. In fact, we were convinced no one was going to care about an unknown support hero. Yet, here we are with what feels like the whole world listening!

We’ve got a brand-new adventure lined up for you next week as Vigil teams up with an old friend, but for today, I’m going to try to respond to some fan questions. We have gotten so many that we’re having trouble keeping up, but we’re trying to answer the most pressing questions.

This question comes from @Falastan on Twitter: “How did Vigil get access to Vila’s financial records? Do they have access to mine? Is someone looking into that?” Great question. Unfortunately, the answer is: we’re not sure! What we do know is he had access through another hero. His recordings and notes don’t give us an identity, but it seems like we might all be under watch. Not the most reassuring answer, Falastan, but it’s the only one we’ve got.

The next one is from a large number of emails and tweets that had more or less the same question. To summarize: “Did Vila ever forgive Vigil?” And I would tell you the answer, but that would be spoiling it. Vila’s role in Vigil’s story is not over, so it’s not yet time to reveal what role she’s going to be playing in the future. But if you’re still curious, now would be a great time to hit that follow or subscribe button.

The last one we’re going to try to answer, for now, is from an email from Jen. Jen asks “Did Vigil have any sort of logo and imagery like the heroes we see all the time?” Another excellent question, and this one has a very simple answer: Yes! The artwork for the show incorporates his seal that he used to identify himself in the field. We aren’t going to infringe on his rights and publish it, but we did get permission to use it in our artwork, and we’ll talk to the estate about releasing some images of the seal…and maybe even some merchandise. So, stay tuned for updates.

Finally, as I said in my previous update, we are not going to be intimidated. While I don’t know who “Morse” is, and I don’t know how they got my private email address, it doesn’t matter. Your cryptic ramblings are not going to deter us from our goal. Which is to make sure the world knows the story of Vigil. And…we’ll be back with that story next week right here. I’m Maria Kennedy. Thanks for listening!

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Vigil Part 4.5: Update 2

Vigil Part 4.5: Update 2

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