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Xantheartist: Kanye, Military & Self-Defence

Xantheartist: Kanye, Military & Self-Defence

Update: 2022-05-02


Welcome to In the Key of Q the weekly podcast where I chat with inspiring Queer musicians from around the world as they share stories, inspirations and of course their music.

Xantheartist counts an impressive hundred thousand streams on Spotify. He's only three years into his music career, but has already secured a number one record with his cover Hapsburg Lippp. Before transitioning to a man, he served in the US military and went on to make a considerable name for himself on the drag king circuit.

He grew up in a household with Nirvana, Phil Collins, New Edition and Luther Vandross pumping from the family hifi. The home was of military stock, and during his childhood his father was deployed in the first Iraq war. The strict household and challenges around gender identity dropped PTSD on Xan, which is being worked through today with counseling.

Accidental encounters showed Xan that he was an excellent performer, both as a rapper and drag king. He increasingly felt the drag king persona was closer to his genuine identity and went onto transition, female-to-male. He speaks eloquently about the importance to avoid mis-gendering, and the hurt this can cause.

He speaks passionately about the importance of self-denfence for the LGBTQ community and especially within the QPOC community. 'You can walk with your head high and confidently knowing that you can defend yourself against anything. '

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Xantheartist: Kanye, Military & Self-Defence

Xantheartist: Kanye, Military & Self-Defence

Dan Hall