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Author: Christy R. Hall, Wellness Mindset Coach & Emotional Alchemist

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Losing weight is hard especially when you struggle with cravings and urges at every turn. Emotional eating expert, Christy R. Hall shares fork-sized mindset tweaks, perspective shifts and lifestyle hacks to get you back on the wagon and down the road to the best possible version of you.
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Are you concerned? Does emotional eating, weight loss, weight gain, or weight acceptance, and body image and body love issues seem insurmountable? Then let's talk about belief.
In this episode, we're talking about New Year's Resolutions and how we look at and think about our journey towards health, wellness, and wholeness.
In this episode, we're talking about a controversial subject when it comes to emotional eating and that's planning; specifically planning a binge or an emotional eating episode in advance. And is that planning to fail? Or something else?
In this episode, we're talking about some of the external ways you can support yourself on your emotional eating journey.
In this episode, we're talking about building, establishing, and maintaining healthy boundaries because so many of us struggle with our boundaries while others don't seem to have them at all.
In this episode, we're going to be talking a bit about off plan eating, body bullying and body shame, how to deal with those behaviors, and also how to deal with and prevent any self punishment that comes as a result of those behaviors.
In this episode, we're getting clear on the difference between willingness and willfulness because it can determine how much resistance and struggle you experience on your journey. (And who want's more of that?)
In this episode, we're talking about how to handle enablers, people who needle you into eating, also known as the food forcers and food pushers at the holidays.
In this episode, I'm sharing some more actionable tips to help you survive the holidays, complete with social outings and family gatherings.
In this episode, we're talking about what a healthy relationship with food and your body looks and feels like.
In this episode, we're about talking about how to survive and thrive through Halloween, so I'm providing a mindset hack should you want to abstain as well as 4 ways to indulge should you decide to treat yourself.
In this episode, we're about getting clear on our purpose, our intentions, and actions - and asking ourselves: is the goal, our desired end result, really the point?
In this episode, we're talking about how to determine whether your emotional eating is a problem or not.
We’re talking about labels and diagnoses, both the ones we give to ourselves, the ones we try on from Dr. Google, and the ones given to us by others. We discuss how they can be helpful, but also how they can be hurtful, and how to keep yours from hurting you.
We’re talking about a triggering word for many: elimination. At various points on your health and wellness path you may come to a crossroads with elimination. How you approach it, look at it, and think about it, will determine how you feel about it, and ultimately your success.
We’re talking about momentum, how it's difference than motivation, how it helps you on your path, and finally, how to get some.
We’ve been talking about emotions both pleasant and unpleasant and how we can sometimes use food to deal with, avoid, and distract ourselves from those emotions. This week we’re talking about how to process your emotions.
This week we're talking about digging up and uncovering the hidden fears that are holding us back from our emotional eating, weight loss (or gain), and health goals.
This week we're talking about self-doubt because all of us - even the most positive people among us - have moments when we doubt ourselves.
In this week's short podcast we're talking about several topics I've talked about before: Appreciation, Gratitude, Flexibility. But in this episode, we'll be looking at them again together, through the lens of Real Life.
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