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RHLSTP is an award-winning series in which comedian Richard Herring ("The Podfather" - The Guardian) chats with some of the biggest names in comedy and entertainment. Stephen Fry, Eddie Izzard, Dawn French, David Mitchell, Katherine Ryan and Brian Blessed are amongst the many stars to have been interviewed across the 400+ episodes...

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807 Episodes
Retro AIOTM #28 - We have come to the end of the road. It’s the final Retro AIOTM. It got us through the whole of lockdown and ends just as the second one starts going. Ah it was fun, wasn’t it? We did do another batch a few years later, but check out the AIOTM feed and YouTube for those. Nothing capture the magic of a live cumpkining.As It Occurs To Me: Series 3, Episode 6: It's the end my friends. It really is. Really, really. But don't cry, just say goodbye, it could be worse. Rich has stories of CJ from Eggheads and Al Qaeda and is unjustly critical of a charity trying to de-worm orphans in Haiti, Emma has the best poo stories to make you sick, Dan is dressed as Adam Ant and Christian is looking forward to next week's show. Will Pippa Middleton's Disembodied Anus survive? Will King Herod make an appearance? Will Andrew Collins say 'aside' or make an appearance in real life? Will Rich have to take the cumpkin-based punishment prescribed by last week's Moral Maze or does he have some kind of revenge planned for the dark and mysterious forces that make the ethical decisions? I don't know, why don't you just listen to the podcast? All I can tell you is that tears or some kind of bodily fluid will be spilled before the show is over. As much as we travel in time, can we truly change our fates? It's properly the end folks. Thanks so much for your support or your 1 star iTunes reviews. It's been fun. Apart from the pain and mental illness. Become a member at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Retro AIOTM #27 - Only one more Retro AIOTM to go after this. Weirdly Lily Allen had just got married back in June 2011 and she’s just got married again! There’s a memorable punishment for Rich’s moral maze in this one. Feels like only yesterday. Still picking flour out my anal crevice. Support our kickstarter at All profits to live comedy.As It Occurs To Me: Series 3, Episode 5: It's the penultimate AIOTM (aiotm) ever and Rich smells like a baker. He has had last week's moral maze punishment hanging over his head. Emma is back to her scatological best, Dan has been captured by an artist and Christian is worried about the effects of nuclear catastrophes. What will Rich do at Lily Allen's wedding? Who is up to star in Attitudeless Badger? What would the 11 year-old Rich think about 43 old Rich getting an email from Francoise Pascal? How can the moral maze top last week's punishment? Only one way to find out! Become a member at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Retro AIOTM #26 - Back to June 2011 for another Retro AIOTM to try and distract you from the inevitability of lockdown 2. As it spirals towards the mountain that will put it out of its misery, Rich gets to think about this position in the comedy firmament after attending a Jerry Seinfeld gig (one of his last ever nights out with Andrew Collings). We’re trying to raise some money for live comedy venues with our latest kickstarter. Take a look at and back us if you like the look of it.As It Occurs To Me: Series 3, Episode 4: Rich and his forearm are regretting allowing the audience to make decisions about what is moral and what is not. He has been working hard on his punishment and is just hoping there is a 14-17 year-old boy who will be prepared to take the fruits (or seeds) of his labour. Dan, Christian and Emma are all lending a hand and together they have created one of the most horrendous comedy props in the whole of history. This show might actually break some laws. And if it doesn't then one of the weirdos in the audience definitely has.Rich had been trying to impress his girlfriend's parents and is coping with the stress of getting into the exclusive after show area at the Jerry Seinfeld gig on Friday. Emma has taken out a superinjunction on herself, Dan has been licking things in public and Christian has been recognised in a toilet in Ipswich. Perhaps foolishly there is another Moral Maze with even more dire consequences for Rich, Pippa Middleton's Disembodied Anus, and the return of an old favourite up to his old duplicity. Christian is up in arms about Britain's Got Talent, but not the stuff that's bothering anyone else. Plus there's the first real screw up of the 26 episodes we've done so far and we don't edit so we've just got to deal with it. Seriously, it is the 21st Century.WARNING: if you download this show you might end up on a register. Become a member at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Retro AIOTM #25 - It’s May 30th 2011 and AIOTM’s silver jubilee 25th ep. To think that Canadian baby of unknown gender is now 9 and the world has caught up a bit with its parents gender concerns. It’s a long, long ep. Hope you enjoy it. If you do, why not become a monthly badger at or preorder Richard’s new book, The Problem With Men from wherever you preorder your books.As It Occurs To Me: Series 3, Episode 3: It's the 25th episode of AIOTM (aiotm) and the silver jubilee is marked with a new 'umpkin'. If you think it's cumpkins or dumpkins then you have to get with it grandad! And Rich has more than half an eye on the listeners of the future. He has also become disturbed by the Canadian couple who won't reveal the sex of their baby (is it as disturbing as Baby Massage? The babies seem to think so) and has been recognised in Amsterdam airport (but who has he been recognised as?).Emma is gate-crashing literary festivals and Dan has been enjoying some odd time with his family, whilst Christian may be close to being friends with the actual factual Lembit Opik. The audience for once come good and provide some spectacular tales of stuff that has occurred to them. This week's Moral Maze has to be heard to be believed and has consequences that could only have been predicted by the strangest person on earth, but demonstrates why the public should not be allowed to make decisions about anything of any importance. One of the characters has written a diary and Richard is halfway through the series without having had a nervous breakdown, but it can't be far off. Some of the accents in this show will make Cheryl Cole seem like the voice of 1950s BBC. And if Dan Tetsell gives you a cucumber, don't eat it. It's the longest AIOTM (aiotm) yet and maybe the funniest and you will learn things about penis enlargement that you might not want to know. But it'd be even funnier if you'd come and seen it live. People came from America, Mumbai and Salisbury to see this show. Become a member at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Retro AIOTM #24 - Back to May 23rd 2011, when the worst thing Richard Herring had to worry about was navigating piss covered toilets. If we could turn back time, we wouldn’t mind being back in those cosier days. Hope you’re enjoying these retro AIOTMs and remember, you are finally providing the cast (not Rich) with a wage by listening. So thanks.As It Occurs To Me: Series 3, Episode 2: Somehow we've survived the Rapture, which has ruined Rich's plan to not write a script. We have a visit from a President and a future mayor and somebody's disembodied anus and from someone who would have made more of an impact had the news not somehow overtaken the show. I knew it was written too far in advance. Emma is worried about her parents, Christian pleased that his songs are being put to video and Dan is back, unsure what the worst thing about losing his child might be. There's another absorbing moral maze and Rich is also trapped in a toilet with a lake of piss. Business as usual. Become a member at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Retro AIOTM #23 - We’re up to Series 3 of Retro AIOTM and now it’s May 2011 and Pippa Middleton and her disembodied anus are about to burst into the public consciousness. What a time to be alive. If you enjoy this show you might enjoy Ally and Herring’s Twitch of fun at 8pm on Thursdays on It Occurs To Me: Series 3, Episode 1: It's Series 3 Episode 1 and one of the regular cast has gone missing, but there are super injunctions and conspiracy theories flying around as to where he or she might be. Plus since the last show Richard has won an award and lost at Mastermind and had to address whether he is real or imaginary. The nation is obsessed with certain parts of Pippa Middleton, but how far and how specific will this obsession be allowed to get? And what will happen if the cast revisit the Oxford Revue of 1988 and the ghosts that still haunt them? Were they funny then? Are they funny now? And in a new feature we lose ourselves in the moral maze to find out the ethics of floor Quavers. We also dare to reveal the truth about the super injunctions that other outlets will only do anonymously. Ah, it's good to be back. Really. Nearly all good. Guest starring Ben Moor. Become a member at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Retro AIOTM #22 - Do you ever wish you could go back to the start of the 2010s and give it all another go? Well join me if you dare in another retro AIOTM and do exactly that. It’s 2nd November 2010 and I am talking about Celebrity Mastermind for the first of many occasions. If only I could go back and say junk food instead of fast food. That’s the only thing I’d change about the 2010s.Pre order my book here (please).Join me on Twitch why not?As It Occurs To Me: 2010 Special episode 3: We've made it to episode 22, but will we get any further. And are the dark secrets of the twisting and turning Lost-style over-arching plot about to be revealed? Or will we just make far too much of the first birthday of the cumpkin? And did Rich take the lunch marmalade millions? Emma has tales of the 1970s and groping, whilst Dan reveals the singular of paparazzi and Christian has been the victim of crime. Richard's writing process is the subject of a soul searching documentary and he also looks forward with fear to his forthcoming appearance on Celebrity Mastermind, whilst looking back at his romantic trip to Prague, with deluxe clocks and cloacas all on view. Ultimately Richard may be about to discover the very meaning of (or lack of) his existence? Is this the end? For AIOTM and for Stephen Fry's Twitter account? If only we could turn forward time. Become a member at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Retro AIOTM #21 - Do you remember 19th October 2010? Do you want to go back there and have marmalade for lunch and celebrate the rescue of those Chilean miners? Let me take you by the audio hand and lead you through the annal passage of time to this old episode of AIOTMIf you appreciate this generous gift then please order my book, ebook or audiobook here (for example)Any why not watch me on Twitch?As It Occurs To Me: 2010 Special episode 2: It's AIOTM XXI and although one God is dead, many others are still going strong and the cast are looking forward to their history being revealed in the forthcoming movie, The Social Leper. Rich is a safer driver thanks to a trip to Ipswich, Christian is sticking up for the monkeys, Dan has found his embarrassing University essays and Emma's poo stories prompt the audience to reveal all kinds of fecal embarrassment. There's a surprising job move for Rich and we're all celebrating the miners' safe return (well most of them) and decrying the emissions of taxi drivers and the marmalade based advertising of once respected broadcasters. Business as usual for what might be the penultimate episode of AIOTM. EVER! Become a member at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Retro AIOTM #20 - Let’s turn back time to October 12th 2010 to hear the first in a short run of AIOTM specials. I don’t remember anything about this one, I am afraid and it’s not like I am going to listen back. But you can and then write your own retrospective introductionCatch Rich on his Twitch channel most nights.Help fund future projects by becoming a badgerAnd preorder his new book “The Problem With Men” here.As It Occurs To Me: 2010 Special episode 1: It's episode 20 and As It Occurs To Me is back for a short autumn run. Richard fears the consequences of being the 21st Century Dustin Gee, but not as much as Stewart Lee should. God is also keeping an eye on the chubby comedian's material and if His representatives on Earth are anything to go by then He doesn't like it. In the meanwhilst, Emma has met an iconic TV star, Christian is a rock god and Dan looks like someone's dad, though Ben Elton is not looking like an ah-argh stand-up comedian. Strangers are wanting to marry off Rich and his non-imaginary girlfriend and she may be up for it, even if Rich has been watching porn films 'for research'. Plus there's been some unseasonable behaviour for early October and a big surprise about one of the country's favourite sceptics. All in all it's good to be back. Hope you agree! Become a member at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Retro AIOTM #19 - Back 10 years to the Edinburgh Fringe 2010 - who would have dreamed that a decade later the whole thing would have been postponed? But you can pretend it’s all still happening by listening to this hour of culturally insensitive bilge written under extreme circumstances even for this half-arsed show. Remember you can see the 10 year older Richard Herring who doesn’t even have the politeness to write a script now, strutting his stuff on Twitch most nights, including the all new Ally and Herring’s Twitch of Fun on Thursday nights. And you can preorder Richard's new book “The Problem With Men” here or at any major book retailerAs It Occurs To Me: Edinburgh Special 2010: What a ludicrous idea. In a Fringe where Herring is already performing 36 shows in 26 days, what would possess him to write an hour of stand-up and sketches about what he has been up to? Utter lunacy. Christian didn't got to bed til 6am by which time Richard was up and furiously typing at his keyboard to bring you stories of ghosts in the swimming pool, the Pride of Scotland and how he is more Scotch than a significant proportion of Edinburgh residents. Emma is fascinated with caterpillars and not in a cute way and Dan has been watching some experimental theatre involving birdlife and faeces. Whilst the spectre of Richard Herring might hang over Andrew Collings' solo show, there is an elephant in this packed and chandeliered room which is at least reminiscent of Collings. With Haribo coming out of their eyeballs how will the sleep deprived cast cope with this early start? And who is the most Scotch character on their roster of freaks? You might be surprised by the answer. Become a member at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Retro AIOTM #18 - Back to July 2010 for the final AIOTM of the 2nd series and it’s the one with Lembit Opik. He’ll do the jokes. Thanks for listening to these. You know the ways you can support us by nowAs It Occurs To Me: Series 2, Episode 8: The final show of the second series and all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But 6Music is saved and the Bloomsbury is packed to the gills so it's a party atmosphere. Van Morrison has been supporting Christian, Emma is well up the duff, and Dan has been celebrating the fact he can now go to the zoo and not look like a paedo. Rich has almost met Rory from Doctor Who and Lembit Opik on the same day, and is taking a pop at God for winging it when he came up with the 10 commandments, which seems a bit hypocritical given the way Rich puts this show together. Infants will be born, but will they be slaughtered? And disenchanted characters will return to wreak their revenge, but which ones will turn up? No one could ever guess they will guess, it's obvious. Is it shit or is it good? It doesn't matter. All that counts is that it is over. For now. And it's time for a party around Richard's belly button. Thanks for listening. See you again in August for the Edinburgh special! Become a member at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Retro AIOTM #17 - Back to the end of June 2010 for more retro AIOTM and loads more motorcycle clothing shops. If you’re enjoying these crazy steps back in time then you can become a monthly badger here or link you Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime accounts and give us money at no cost to yourself - watch this video to find out howAs It Occurs To Me: Series 2, Episode 7: It's the penultimate episode of Season 2 and the whole country is reeling from the worst spectacle they have witnessed in years, the motorcycle clothing shop sketch. Is there any way back for us now? And is the way back to just keep doing the same sketch until people realise it is a new zenith of comedy? We've moved to the Bloomsbury Theatre because we think we're Virginia Woolf. Emma's been unable to use her new iPhone 4, Dan, who is half German has been praying for England to lose at football (so blame him) and Christian has been signing boobs because he is rock and also roll. We pull out the stops to annoy Bob Rudge and take a leaf out of the book of the lazy writers of My Two Dads. Blah blah blah Tiny Andrew Blah and we meet the odd daughter and dad from the Vodaphone adverts and eat the crumbs from out of God's kitchen bin, and what's going on with the high-backed armchair? It's repetitious and relies on stupid comedy voices and Rich has become everything he hates. But come in and join us, the cumpkins are lovely. And there's some stuff about football too. Become a member at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Retro AIOTM #16 - It’s here. These weeks of listening to ten year old comedy is finally worth it. MOTORCYCLE CLOTHING SHOP SKETCH is here - and I am advising people to pull down statues. I am a visionary. This was recorded back in June 2010 remember. I am Nostradamus (or is that Emma Kennedy). Why not become a monthly badger to celebrate me? As It Occurs To Me: Series 2, Episode 6: It's the 16th episode of AIOTM (AIOTM), 16 lost weekends of trying to satirise all comedy by producing a comedy show with no comedy in it. According to AM1975. As usual at this stage of the series, Richard is worried he is going mad and drunkenly wonders if he can convince some people who work in a motorcycle clothing shop that he has a motorcycle, to the amusement of only himself. Emma's dad is hanging out in bookshops enjoying his literary fame. Dan is wondering if he can get a laugh out of the King Herod bit that was written five minutes before the recording started, and Christian - whose guitar breaks just in time for his song - has a fine suggestion on how to solve the financial crisis.We're also trying to pull down the statues in Trafalgar Square, wondering how Richard has maintained a 20 year career in comedy when he knows no jokes, suggesting a new commentator for the World Cup, and considering if we should all have taken some cocaines to get some much needed publicity for the show. The real questions are: did Rich think the motorcycle thing was funny, or did he write it on purpose so the end would work? And does he have a high-backed armchair? Cos if he does, what other rumours will be true? Become a member at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Retro AIOTM #15 - five shows into the second series and Rich is clearly struggling to hold it together. It’s 14th June 2010 and ITV have screwed up the football - remember that? Support us with cash at or get more stuff for free at (if you’re with Amazon Prime you can give us a free £5 a month by linking your accounts and subscribing).As It Occurs To Me: Series 2, Episode 5: Real Andrew Collings has banned any of the Tiny Andrew Collings family from appearing on the show. Will there be anything funny in it? And will they pay any attention anyway? Richard is angry with Dettol and their plans to destroy the world and ITV HD for making him miss the one moment where England looked like they might win the World Cup. But everyone deserves a second chance whether it's fumbling goal keepers or shit broadcasters. Emma is in trouble on Twitter as usual and Dan has joined the iPhone revolution at the most ridiculous time possible. Tam Dalyell is on hand to congratulate the English and Kriss Akabussi gets a booty call. The audience are the filthiest and most depraved thus far, but into the 'As It Occurs To Me concept'. And I wouldn't like to be Matthew the Gospel writer once this has gone out. It's revenge time for him making King Herod look like a dick. And who has Richard been mistaken for? Antony Worrall Thompson? Oh for fuck's sake. Push me in a river now. And leave me with my rats. Or bats. Or cats. Become a member at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Retro AIOTM #14 - More retro shenanighans from 7th June 2010 with the AIOTM gang. You might want to go back and listen to all of the Collings and Herrin podcast to get the context. And good to know I have still failed to get nominated for any BAFTAS or even get on TV, but maybe my BAFTA is the friends I’ve lost along the way. Support us more at if you are so inclined.As It Occurs To Me: Series 2, Episode 4: It's As It Occurs to Tiny Andrew Collings Show 1 and the start of a new world order. But will Rich escape from Northampton and his responsibilities with his new child? Well if he does then he will be discussing the temporary immortality of Betty White, gun laws and how to deal with cold callers. Dan has been eavesdropping on strangers and Emma has been trying to work out what a blowjob is, whilst Christian has been manipulating those who won't do what anyone tells them. But we haven't won any BAFTAs even if half of Lionel Nimrod's Inexplicable World have done so. Maybe it's cos we want to throw toddlers into ponds. If nothing else you're about to find out who Tiny Mrs Collings is. And hopefully the furious back pedaling will save The Collings & Herrin Podcast. Or make the tension much worse. Please tweet Rich and make sure he hasn't been crucified in a basement though! Become a member at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Retro AIOTM #13 - Thanks for listening to this old guff. This one goes back to 31st May 2010 when iPads were new and exciting. Support us by becoming a badger at if you can afford to, or just enjoy this stuff for free if you can’t or don’t want to. It’s all cool. More free nonsense at It Occurs To Me: Series 2, Episode 3: It's the 13th instalment of AIOTM, but that doesn't stop Tiny Andrew Collings appearing on the show, even if his mum would think that was a bad omen. Rich is in deep water for having sworn live on air on 6Music and Emma is showing off about her iPad, whilst Dan would almost certainly prefer to have a baby. Almost certainly. Meanwhile, Christian is up to his ears in rice worries. It's time to find out what Richard's mum makes of his book, to take a good look at Creationism and to daydream about what it might be like to pretend to be Tam Dalyell. And if you don't like any of this stuff then it's Sue's fault. Always best to blame your peers. Become a member at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Retro AIOTM #12 - Back to 24th May 2010 to find out what was troubling the young idiots version of Richard Herring and his crew of misfits. Why not become a badger at or check out to find out how far this fool has fallen in the last ten years. Thanks for supporting us by listening to this ancient toshAs It Occurs To Me: Series 2, Episode 2: Richard Herring audaciously attempts to rename five of the seven days of the week, in a way that will make for an easy rhyme to remember them by, but which might make it hard to arrange any actual meetings. His power struggle with double act partners past and present continues, but the real secrets are reserved for those brave souls who endured the heat and missed the football to pay to see the show live. Emma has a story that combines her love of celebrities and her love of poo, Dan wishes he was in Flight Of The Conchords and Christian takes on Billy Bragg and Gil Scott-Heron ensuring that the Venn Diagram of who understands which jokes in the show gets ever more complicated. Meanwhile Rich is a victim of more crime and is hoping elves will write the script so he can sit out in the sun, finally, just once before he dies. It's all post-post-post-post-post modern, which actually makes it quite old-fashioned in places. England won 3-1 by the way. Become a member at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Retro AIOTM #11 all the way back 10 years and 12 days to May 17th 2010 to find out what the young whippersnapper Richard Herring and the team are up to. Will they be driving to Barnard Castle to test their eyesight or wishing they could get their hair cut? I doubt it, because they lived in the happy beforetimes. And yet still they complained, the dolts.As It Occurs To Me: Series 2, Episode 1: Sony nominated AIOTM (AIOTM) returns for its second series. In show one, 'Richard Merring' forms an uneasy coalition and progressive alliance with Dan Tetsell and Emma Kennedy in the hope that they can curb his worst excesses. But it's a spring clean and all the old favourites are being purged. No cumpkins, no Quantum Leap and definitely NO Tiny Andrew Collings (aside: not unless he can somehow sneak his way in). You'll have to listen to find out if Richard made his flight back from the island of Cornwall in time for the show (aside: he did), if the show won any awards (aside: it didn't), and if anything amusing has happened to Tetsell in the last five months (aside: it hasn't, though he does nearly fall asleep at one point in the show, due to the rigours of being a father to a young baby). Is Richard super famous in Liverpool? What is worse than finding five men's sperm in your jack o' lantern? And can a man ever truly be in love with a lift if they are speaking different languages? And what will happen if we say we're going to blow Robin Hood Airport sky high? We might have to wait to find out about that last one. Who cares anyway when Christian Reilly is on an impossible mission to sort out the Greek economy? It's brilliant (aside: it's not. It's shit). Become a member at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
It’s 14th December 2009 and the first decade of the 21st Century is coming to an end (unless you are a mathematical stickler) and just think how bad things were going to get in the next 10 years. Let’s look back at a more innocent time when we could be more grossly offensive. Check out my Twitch channel at final episode of AIOTM, but will it be the last ever? Rich is being haunted by ghosts of podcasts past and future and wondering if he has had a wonderful life. Dan is aiming for a Christmas number 1 and Emma is walking a marathon. Plus it's sold out, so there should be some sexy action or revealing of genital assemblages. And thank God that people are getting cathedrals slammed into their face and people are stealing our 8 and a half week old material. Will Andrew Collings finally be in the show? Of course he fracking won't! But every slightly successful character from the series will certainly be back! Become a member at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
It’s coming up to Christmas in 2009 and the innocent young cast of AIOTM have no idea what will hit them in just 10 short years. And that’s for the best I suppose. As usual by listening you are giving funds to the justgiving heckle the virus charity and finally paying the cast for their work. See what madness Richard Herring is up to in 2020 by tuning in to #9 and Richard is conflicted about whether he should be happy or sad that AIOTM has been nominated for a Loaded Lafta and what this means about his relationship with Jesus. Dan gets an unexpected gift from a stranger, whilst Emma is living in a cold and flooded flat, and Christian's mental breakdown seems to be surpassing that of even Herring himself. But while our musician rails against love, Rich is moving in with his girlfriend in order to replace his broken dishwasher and trying to sabotage Andrew Collings' career, even if success will only be a Pyrrhic victory. The world meanwhile goes crazy about Kay, Subo and the death of a rat and all we can do is quote Matthew 6 at it and hope that makes things better. All this is made harder by having to follow Stewart Lee who is clearly superior to us in every way. But has he been nominated for a Loaded Lafta? No, he hasn't. There's another reason for him being the best. Become a member at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Comments (48)

Martin Quinn

I understand it's a bit of a coup to get RR on RHLSTP but his rambling on about JFK was so dull and we never found out if he sucks his own cock.

Jan 6th

Alex Finch

"hats off to Jimmy Saville, that's all I can say" 😅

Aug 11th

Darren Hartas

Edgar Wright's laugh is very reminiscent of Elfo.

Jun 29th


like route 66, extremely long and very flat

Jan 13th

Alison Patton


Dec 20th

jason shepherd

just watched Strictly It Takes 2, fri 25nov 2022. watch the end. Richard has really let himself go!

Nov 25th

Martin Quinn

Does Robin Ince carry his own oxygen supply with him...... bloody hell mate take a breath.....

Aug 3rd

Tom Robson


Jul 27th

Peter Bhatti

Does the brain have an epiphany centre?

May 26th

Amort Dipav

It's easy to be sneery about an impressionist, but he was fantastic. Great interview

Mar 3rd


as interesting as mash potatoes.

Jan 28th

Simon Blake

I got close to unsubbing. This show went right downhill when it was zoom chats with people I'd never heard of who weren't funny. You know who I mean. But this : this is gold. This is the best it's been since Palin. Thank god. Subscription safe.

Oct 15th

Ryan McKinless

'RETRO' podcasts from 2020 appearing as most recent on castbox, bit annoying

Aug 20th

Sam Morgan

ok knee me know no me mok mo mm o I'll k JJ kn of hi up Jo kk jai hop hop hi on no no no no ok know l no l. ok on LL ooo l of ok o of LL blo no lk NJ JJ mi ok oh I no o ppl no one kool look k no jm ok no k of LL m in my k of LL lkk on JJ ok nbj kk l ok ok ok ok ok k JJ n not kjlomo no k no no no. in mi MN ok k mm mi mi nn JJ jj JJ jj kk. me no MN MN k no. ok ok m in njn mi kjm hi JJ jj m NJ kk to k no no kk o..o my MN no. hj kk kk NJ j NJ my MN i NJ my my nk mi ok o JJ. l kk kkn I no no no n I'm NJ l j kn kk kkn NJ my my mi no kk NJ no no no m in m NJ JJ mi mi MN ok k j NJ m NJ kk kk jkl ok k mm kml hi no m j no how mm mm on mm j no in m NJ kmjm kk NJ no no mm mm mm k mm mm mm l kk NJ mm. n no mm mm k JM no mm j to k co no no no m NJ mm m NJ mm mm n no mm mm mm m in kk mm mm mm mm mm k JM mi k no kk NJ no kk mm. mm mm mm on NJ. mk mm kml mm knk mm mm mm mm mm m NJ kk NJ an NJ j NJ no mm k JJ NJ JJ NJ JJ mi n am mi n j NJ kk n NJ knl JJ kn kk kk NJ mm mm k JJ m NJ mm kk look NJ mm monk

Aug 8th

Barry O'Reilly

David comes across as a bit of an all knowing twat. His comedy is quite boring. Then again, always was the wheel man.

Jul 26th


He always sounds like he's in the downstairs loo. he needs a better mic.

Jul 2nd


I watched Dominic's Twitch show. I'm not from Arbroath!

Apr 14th

Martin Quinn

Certainly gave Brian Blessed a run for his money......

Apr 11th


So that you don't have to Google it -- the only London tube station with a z in it is Belsize Park. Great ep despite lockdown audio; maybe there are things a computer can do better, eh, Rich? 👀

Aug 20th