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RETRO AIOTM (Series 3, Episode 6)

RETRO AIOTM (Series 3, Episode 6)

Update: 2020-10-08


Retro AIOTM #28 - We have come to the end of the road. It’s the final Retro AIOTM. It got us through the whole of lockdown and ends just as the second one starts going. Ah it was fun, wasn’t it? We did do another batch a few years later, but check out the AIOTM feed and YouTube for those. Nothing capture the magic of a live cumpkining.

As It Occurs To Me: Series 3, Episode 6: It's the end my friends. It really is. Really, really. But don't cry, just say goodbye, it could be worse. Rich has stories of CJ from Eggheads and Al Qaeda and is unjustly critical of a charity trying to de-worm orphans in Haiti, Emma has the best poo stories to make you sick, Dan is dressed as Adam Ant and Christian is looking forward to next week's show. Will Pippa Middleton's Disembodied Anus survive? Will King Herod make an appearance? Will Andrew Collins say 'aside' or make an appearance in real life? Will Rich have to take the cumpkin-based punishment prescribed by last week's Moral Maze or does he have some kind of revenge planned for the dark and mysterious forces that make the ethical decisions? I don't know, why don't you just listen to the podcast? All I can tell you is that tears or some kind of bodily fluid will be spilled before the show is over. As much as we travel in time, can we truly change our fates? It's properly the end folks. Thanks so much for your support or your 1 star iTunes reviews. It's been fun. Apart from the pain and mental illness.

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RETRO AIOTM (Series 3, Episode 6)

RETRO AIOTM (Series 3, Episode 6)