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RETRO AIOTM (2010 Autumn Special 1)

RETRO AIOTM (2010 Autumn Special 1)

Update: 2020-08-06


Retro AIOTM #20 - Let’s turn back time to October 12th 2010 to hear the first in a short run of AIOTM specials. I don’t remember anything about this one, I am afraid and it’s not like I am going to listen back. But you can and then write your own retrospective introduction

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As It Occurs To Me: 2010 Special episode 1: It's episode 20 and As It Occurs To Me is back for a short autumn run. Richard fears the consequences of being the 21st Century Dustin Gee, but not as much as Stewart Lee should. God is also keeping an eye on the chubby comedian's material and if His representatives on Earth are anything to go by then He doesn't like it. In the meanwhilst, Emma has met an iconic TV star, Christian is a rock god and Dan looks like someone's dad, though Ben Elton is not looking like an ah-argh stand-up comedian. Strangers are wanting to marry off Rich and his non-imaginary girlfriend and she may be up for it, even if Rich has been watching porn films 'for research'. Plus there's been some unseasonable behaviour for early October and a big surprise about one of the country's favourite sceptics. All in all it's good to be back. Hope you agree!

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RETRO AIOTM (2010 Autumn Special 1)

RETRO AIOTM (2010 Autumn Special 1)