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RETRO AIOTM (2010 Autumn Special 3)

RETRO AIOTM (2010 Autumn Special 3)

Update: 2020-08-20


Retro AIOTM #22 - Do you ever wish you could go back to the start of the 2010s and give it all another go? Well join me if you dare in another retro AIOTM and do exactly that. It’s 2nd November 2010 and I am talking about Celebrity Mastermind for the first of many occasions. If only I could go back and say junk food instead of fast food. That’s the only thing I’d change about the 2010s.

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As It Occurs To Me: 2010 Special episode 3: We've made it to episode 22, but will we get any further. And are the dark secrets of the twisting and turning Lost-style over-arching plot about to be revealed? Or will we just make far too much of the first birthday of the cumpkin? And did Rich take the lunch marmalade millions? Emma has tales of the 1970s and groping, whilst Dan reveals the singular of paparazzi and Christian has been the victim of crime. Richard's writing process is the subject of a soul searching documentary and he also looks forward with fear to his forthcoming appearance on Celebrity Mastermind, whilst looking back at his romantic trip to Prague, with deluxe clocks and cloacas all on view. Ultimately Richard may be about to discover the very meaning of (or lack of) his existence? Is this the end? For AIOTM and for Stephen Fry's Twitter account? If only we could turn forward time.

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RETRO AIOTM (2010 Autumn Special 3)

RETRO AIOTM (2010 Autumn Special 3)