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This is a dropcast, recorded informally and sent directly to the cloud from an iPhone. It's like what would happen if Mark's Twitter account could talk.
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how am I don't hate it when people do that on podcasts am bar so there is an episode of Heiple way heights map there is an episode of reply all that came out for weeks ago and it's about a guy who had a song stuck in his head and the team that the journalism team and reconstruct the song with professional musicians and they totally round a bunch of our of the music writers and journalists and Stephen page from being a kid lady he's getting his canada Eire and I do mean I can't have to spoil the story by telling you that the deal like that there is a party without like to add the song but not exist it might be an amalgam of two different songs ever and it says that Sam does exist and I'm low-key freaking out because it just appeared on the bike discover weekly on Spotify and I am fascinated by how that happened is it because am I mean so I don't used to obviously write it in in case you don't know reply all is made by gimlet media is podcast company who got bought out by Spotify last and said there's a connection there that there is some synergies aware that I don't use Spotify for podcast because I'm not a monster i'm sad that I can't unless there is some creepy tracking way which I doubt it I'm your knob and I'm certain there is creepy tracking am but I don't get it in terms of me listening to the podcast but I don't think it can connect to my Spotify account so so mike that is but which is which leaves me wondering whether it's simply and that lots of people of listen to the episode who Spotify are aware of and have and searched for that song maybe because like I thought was quite nice Oliver is that you know what if I came now or email if you did can come out and when I was in a really getting to me to get a kid and if I do known about it it Absolute would be the Coniston had a good would've quite enjoyed and would've wanted to sort out but like I was walking home I listen to podcast of the time and so like I wasn't going i'd get up my phone and then look at it and but I wonder if it's just the people have an end and that's why it's now in and Spotify thing I mean be really interesting to know whether there's been a re-release or something or whether it was always in Spotify is archive or if it's been added and I'm really I'm really gonna fascinated and and really keen up by am I just think it's really cool so yeah I am that was a weird an unexpected occurrents to to have this song and that no ones heard of a literally like no one had a bit of a hat they eventually found the musician you wrote do you like the one person apart from a couple of iron or executive who is it actually had a bit of a bottle anyway you should check the episode out is the lights on and if you get it I think reply all. limo am you'll you'll be able to find it there and it's it's cold tonight that the case of the missing hit us in a minute and I said great episode I will I i was fascinated by and it was it was an ambitious but anyway I'm so like keyed up bye-bye this song appearing not cause it's not that amazing song but like I love the story was really cool so I thought I'd share that with you and and since and I now have the means to do that and via via the need to drop casting which and I I I did hear from Martin on Twitter that and he says that that's already a time and I couldn't find it and I'm not disagreeing I'm back and find it as it is a time to do the audio so I'll be interested to know like again on this is not not I'm not like you have a copy writing or am I trade market and running but it and if I'm gonna call something something it be nice if it didn't mean something else on it in that context so am I but yeah anyway drop casting so and yeah do you know how weird is that it's pretty weird I'm alright bye
Hey if you're here in this in your podcast player and you're wondering why am that's because this feed and is cold feed that I redirected to list and they are used to have a show where I was just a talking to microphone for a bit I and when I created list and they I said you know what let's take all those listeners and move them over here to do list and me and Tilly if you want to continue listening to list and but then you need to go and set up a subscription I'll be free but you you need to go to podcast app and find a podcast and I'm search for a list and they need to be at work for that and the last episode is a record this was I think bond villains so that's one to look for and if you're seeing are they saw another episode I am in in in that field then you're on the old feet again so that's all very confusing I want going to the tentacle details of why but I thought I should bring this up because I completely forgot that was a thing and because I am using the old address for the sweet and yeah and that is that it's overly technical note no reason to go into it if you were a list and the subscriber and I am which is only gonna be I think a small handful and you're getting this on you you should be getting this done by then I am if you wanna stay subscribe to this then by all means this is like an order diary that I'm gonna record informally and just chat about stuff I wanted if you don't want that then please feel free to unsubscribe and if it's mistakenly called list and it is just waiting to go quick but going to your attendance of Japanese go into your ear up to find new podcast and search for this Debbie and you should find a date that you should find the right the right picasso at that I think that I am sorry to have caused any confusion if I have otherwise I'm give you carry on there now I can you just have a lovely day and night speak to you soon bye-bye
I've been in love with this idea of them drop the casting as I call it for awhile I don't like it when people say as I call it goes off and when people like say what I call this that the other bed like using a term that already exist and but I don't know if I've used and we found anyone else is on the way drop casting but I really like it I am and under the idea being that I'm just using that an audio memo Apple Music just press record I will do the reasons being apart from it in simple it's got a transcription thing how accurate it is I don't know but I am with a simple button push and a shortcut i can publish and to a little audio diary feed and am I really like that and at this moment I've got a shout a cat because I've got a i'm back in the office and I am come in my home office now and that means occasionally I get her to buy cat but this is the whole thing of the dildo diary it's like an edited this is just life and stuff I'm so yeah a bit like her and iOS shortcut but I can go straight from there just press record up to my podcast app via back at the whole a whole system I am and I really like it because at this I'm Ima Ima verbose Jack I enjoy talking am and sometimes there are thoughts that you want express and I'm looks but anyway I am the aunt you know you can't do it 140 characters and you don't mr going to get a thread going and then sometimes untidy thoughts are and you can get at the meat of something sometimes without sort try home and everything down and you know what I like to where I'm going to hundred and something so were yeah this is this calibre test and to see yet how how it all works a lot more work to directional build the website I've got for I've got the domain I am with you because it was available was like I have to go have to have this i've got Steadman.I owe which is like my main domain for everything but this was gonna be Steadman.FM and it was an expensive purchase kiss FM tomato expensive but bike that's just something great about having Steadman.FM so I am yeah that's why this will go and now I am excited to wear and tear to see it working in action at it it's Connor just for myself and I will going to try and keep the shore and I don't have frequent but I do list and they and i sometimes want to veer into diary things where is there because I enjoy this process I am but it's there it's something I've got a go in the chat and catch you because ridiculous Roscoe cannot abide a closed door so every time ago that he sees a closed door especially if I'm in it if I'm behind it then it's like yet have a scratch on it I am and it's really irritating track because it sent an annoying noise anyway yes I am sure that that's that's about it out with kept it under three minutes think we've done a good job I am to say the next one goes talk to you soon
Bonus episode

Bonus episode


A bonus episode, brought to you by
Technology writer and drone expert Adam Juniper joins Mark to discuss machines that go bleep.
Mark speaks down-the-line with product designer, Simon Heap, as the two share their top five world-changing products, and gently collide over what can be construed a “product”.
Mark takes flight with speaker, author and “the entrepreneur’s godmother” Alison Edgar, to build a list of the best places it takes too long to fly to.
Prepare to have your face melted clean off as you enter a whole new world of mouth noise, with guest Tani Levitt. And remember, if you’re sitting in the plash zone, you will get spittle all over you. Tani presents SpeshFX, a narrative podcast that dives deep into the fascinating world of competitive beatboxing. If you’re familiar with the rap battle scene, it’s like that but nicer, and where people make their O face when being hit by several megatons of sick beats (just helping ease you in with the lingo). Tani got into the scene via his brother, and started charting not only the beatbox battle scene, but also his own education, through SpeshFX. If you want a primer, start with his Beatboxing Basics YouTube playlist. The world of the beatbox battle Beatbox battles are judged equally on musicality, technicality, originality and stage presence. Both Tani’s and Mark’s picks have these qualities in spades, and especially for Tani who’s well-versed in this world, it can be difficult to rank performers when they’re at such a high level. So, mad props to all those spittin’ bars. (Is that a thing?) Honourable mentions Kaila Mullady Beardyman Nathan “Flutebox” Lee is probably the beatboxing flautist Mark is thinking of Reeps One Colaps Zekka Elisii B-Art Tani’s picks In order of discussion: Alem This French master is Tani’s first pick for his technicality. He’s a multi-award-winner, having taken trophies home throughout the decade. Tani says his battle spirit and technicality are unparalleled. Alexinho Tani believes this Frenchman has the best singular set in beatbox history, and cites his 2017 battle against Two.H as “a masterstroke of technicality” and “90 seconds of non-stop power”. Check out the linked video, and watch for the tennis ball drop. Hiss This super-young and confoundingly-talented South Korean beat NaPoM to the finals in 2017. Tani describes him as a human metronome with a wide range of sounds. His studio album /Voiss/, released this year is available now. Gene Shinozaki This Boston beatboxer, originally from California is Tani’s favourite, for his pure musical talent. Ha made his stamp on the beatbox world in 2015 with his set entitled Jigsaw, for the Grand Beatbox Battle. Mark’s picks In order of discussion: NaPoM Hailing from the US, Neil Patrick Meadows (NaPoM) is Mark’s first pick as an entertainment powerhouse. He learned much of his technique from Tani’s #1 pick Alem, and Mark’s guest says he “redefined, with his lip roll, what it meant to be a cultured beatboxer”. Codfish Mark’s second pick caught him by surprise, which is why he placed perhaps higher than the other battler he was up against the first time Mark saw him. Mark enjoys the Aussie’s swagger and his ability to lift the energy of a room, and as of two weeks before this episode was recorded, his YouTube channel passed a million followers. D-Low Mark appreciates this Brit’s stage presence, entertainment value and sense of humour, and his ability to drop out of a beat, make a goof and unfailingly return. He won the Under-18 UK Beatbox Battle in 2014, and made it to the 2015 World Championships on the back of his wildcard video submission. Tani appreciated his moves in his battle against Colaps in this year’s Grand Beatbox Battle. MB14 Frenchman Mohamed Belkhir, better known as MB14, is Mark’s final pick for his “amazing mouth gymnastics”, but he’s not been a solo battler for more than 15 months, having come up as part of Berywam. You can also check out his loop station album. Where to go next If this has got you ready for more, you can follow the scene on YouTube via SwissBeatbox, the host of the Grand Beatbox Battle, or Beatbox Battle who host the World Championships every two years, and on Instagram via Alem, Hiss, and Madox for the shoutouts, or Swish Beatbox for the goofs. SpeshFX You should subscribe to SpeshFX (via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts), to learn infinitely more about the beatbox scene than you will here.
This week, Mark embarks on a journey of musical discovery, with Oliver Wang, co-host of the Heat Rocks podcast. If you’re not familiar with latin boogaloo, it’s time to get acquainted. Oliver loves this fusion of more traditional latin melodies — with complex chords and meandering melodies — and the growing soul music movement, prevalent in 1960s New York, not just because of its inherently physical nature — this stuff just makes you wanna move — but because of what it teaches us about the culture at the time. Just as a previous generation of immigrants embarked on a cultural exchange with the US and established themselves as the kings and queens of mambo and cha-cha-cha, so a new wave of second-generation American-raised Puerto Ricans, Cubans and Dominicans (to name a few) brought their musical heritage and mashed it up with the popular doo-wop and early R&B styles of the day. Latin boogaloo wasn’t a lauded genre by purists, who saw it as a bit of a debasement of the complex and intricate style they were used to. It’s a story as old as time. Get the Spotify playlist To follow our Spotify playlist, full of all the songs we mention, sign up to Extra Envy, our free newsletter. It's the perfect antidote to the encroaching autumn (the playlist, not the newsletter). Honourable mentions Subway Joe — Joe Bataan In Line — George Guzman El Malo — Willie Colón Orchestra Harlow Presenta a Ismael Miranda Soul Sauce — Cal Tjader Dig My Feeling — Willie Bobo (single) Oliver’s picks In order of discussion: Gypsy Woman — Joe Bataan Joe Bataan grew up in Spanish Harlem and was at one time a Puerto Rican gang leader, but he avoided trouble by forming a band with some boys from the neighbourhood, which he took to Fania Records. Oliver appreciates Bataan’s vocals as well as the latin music chops of the band, which is what makes it his #1 pick. I Like it Like That — Pete Rodríguez Fans of Cardi B will recognise the chorus of this album’s hit single, as it opens I Like It, and is heavily sampled throughout. Wanted Dead or Alive — Joe Cuba Bang! Bang!, this album’s first track, was the first giant latin boogaloo hit. Mark believes it both slaps and bangs. Like Pete Rodriguez, Joe Cuba got his start a little earlier, so was ready to capitalise on the genre’s, albeit short-lived, boom. Acid — Ray Barretto Released on Fania, this is a good representation of how an older musician adapted to the latin soul music movement, and is what Oliver considers one of the best exemplars of the genre. My Latin Soul — Bobby Matos and the Combo Conquistadores In an interview he did with Oliver, Matos revealed how dissatisfied he was with this debut effort, insisting his later work was much more sophisticated and less musically naive, but Olives loves the raw feel of this album. Mark’s picks In order of discussion: Ali Baba — Louie Ramirez Mark enjoyed the variety of music on offer with this album: the playfulness, sometimes downright silliness, the catchiness of the melodies, and the satisfying sound of brass recorded and played back from vinyl. And for Oliver’s part, you can’t talk about Louie Ramirez without bringing up his production partner Bobby Marin. Watermelon Man! — Mongo Santamaria Mark is always a sucker for a cover of Herbie Hancock’s /Watermelon Man/. He felt this album was perhaps a little more sophisticated or stylish than some of the other offerings, but Oliver thinks of this as more of a porto-boogaloo album than a boogaloo album proper. Given that, perhaps more attention should be paid to Mongo’s son Monguito, who had a great career in the genre. If you want to hear what that sounds like, Oliver recommends /Hey Sister/. Laberinto de Pasiones — La Lupe Mark likes the sexiness of this album, and particularly the cover of Fever, which is, to use his words, “dripping with raunch”. Minus 10 points. La Lupe was one of the few notable latin boogaloo artists around at the time, so plus 10 points. At the Party — Hector Rivera While the title track is fun and energetic, Mark appreciated the smoother stylings and melody of Pra Vas Wilma. Oliver says that this album, like perhaps dozens of others at the era, were able to catch lightning in a bottle, even if we won’t remember them in decades to come. More of Oliver Wang As we recorded, Heat Rocks, the podcast he hosts with music supervisor Morgan Rhodes, was celebrating their 100th episode. You can, and absolutely should, check it out. You can follow Oliver on Twitter and on Instagram, and read his long-running music blog. All of his links can also be found on his website.
Top 5 bands from Birmingham

Top 5 bands from Birmingham


Musician, writer and improv comedian Tom Clabon joins Mark to fight about which of Birmingham’s bands are best, and possibly what the word “definitive” means.
Musician and podcaster Brendan Hutchins joins Mark to discuss guitar music from the early 21st century.
Writer and Internet raconteur Jon Bounds joins Mark to build a list close to his heart.
Top 5 British foods

Top 5 British foods


Mark talks to podcaster and “unapologetic Anglophile” Jen Tierney about the foods eaten and loved by “a nation of shopkeepers”.
Podcaster, improv comedian and Harry Potter superfan Cat Turner collaborates with Mark on a list of the best five characters in JK Rowling’s Hogwarts universe.
Mark speaks with sleep and respiratory scientist Max Thomas, all about science!
Top 5 childhood toys

Top 5 childhood toys


Improv comedian Lucy Day joins Mark to relive their childhoods and complain about the toys they never had.
Introducing List Envy

Introducing List Envy


What are your top 5 sandwiches? What’s the best way to rank Bond films? Which are your favourite misheard lyrics? Making lists is good, but it’s better with friends. This is List Envy, a podcast where Mark Steadman collaborate with actors, writers, musicians, comedians, scientists and podcasters to build a definitive top 5 list on a topic of the guest’s choosing. Clips in this trailer include * Cat Turner from Cat’s Cabinet of Curiosities, talking about Harry Potter characters * Writer Jon Bounds on 70s British sitcoms * Musician Brendan Hutchins on pop punk banks of the 2000s * Comedian Lucy Day on the toys we had as kids List Envy launches on August 13th with 2 episodes, and new episodes come out every Tuesday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you’re reading this now. Search for the podcast by name, or visit the website.
The Right

The Right


This week, Mark is tired, so he decides to talk extemporaneously about politics, and why there is a correct answer.



Nightmares happen most often when in REM, but can occur in non-REM you might get them more in the early hours because REM cycles get longer If you die in a nightmare, you won’t die in real life Most prevalent themes According to a 2014 University of Montreal study Physical aggression death health threats Men go for natural disasters and war Women show a higher frequency of interpersonal conflicts Significant portion of dreams caused sadness confusion fear disgust Most common nightmares According to How Stuff Works Performing badly in an exam Loss or damage to house or property Car trouble Injury, illness or death Being chased or attacked Myoclonus Twitching in light sleep Sometimes referred to by the initialism PLMS (too boring to explain) Also referred to as a “hypnic jerk” Sleep paralysis Most people get it once or twice in their lives, some more often Completely aware of your surroundings Can’t move or speak Usually as you’re waking up Taking deep breaths might be hard Some people can’t move their eyes Mild hallucination that there’s someone else in the room Shitting the bed (not really) Usually only lasts a few seconds but can go up to minutes! It happens when parts of REM sleep occur while you’re awake We don’t know why that happens You might get it more if you sleep on your back Can be caused by anxiety caffeine stress But it’s mostly random How to check if you’re in a dream Look for common appliances and furniture to see if they’re out-of-whack Look at yourself. Are you the right shape and size? Test your strength and abilities Read something, look away, then read again. If the text has changed, you might be dreaming Anecdotally: turn on a light. Apparently our cause-and-effect doesn’t work so the light shouldn’t come on Avoiding nightmares Don’t eat late at night Cut down on the reefer, you hippy Maybe look at your blood pressure medication? Exercise or do something else to relieve stress Don’t exercise within 4 hours of going to bed Stick to a sleeping routine Have nice-smelling things in your bedroom



This one's a bit off-piste, doesn't involve any notes, and gets a bit personal.
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