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BONUS Episode: Hurray it’s a BIG BONUS episode for you this season with the one and only Chemmy Alcott - 4 times Olympian and Britain’s most successful female ski racer. Chemmy started competing in international races at the Junior World Championships in 1998 and the Youth Olympics in 1999, she then won the British Junior titles, the seniors overall titles for 8 years and competed in 7 World Championships and she also competed in her first Winter Olympics in 2002 going on to compete in the Olympics 3 more times. Chemmy has placed in the top 10 of the world rankings 5 times and is Britain’s most successful skier. She retired from skiing after the Olympics in 2014 and now presents Ski Sunday and the Winter Olympics while also working as a ski coach and she’s a Mum to 2 boys. She is passionate about reframing the ideas we hold of fear, success and how we learn and especially towards women and mothers, so this was a fantastic conversation that will really get you thinking and motivated. I hope you love this episode as much as I think you might. Please do review and let me know what you think, especially if you’re on Apple podcasts right now. If you don’t already follow Chemmy you can find her here @chemmyski and her coaching company here @cdcperformance  Thanks, once again for listening and being generally awesome, I love you being here - see you for season 6 soon!
In this short final, final episode of the season, I chat to Dids and Lebby to get some life lessons they had learned from their massive adventure across the Atlantic. Please make sure you listen to the full episode conversation in episode 89 for more on this wonderful crew and how they went about their challenge. I’d love you to let me know what you think and what you enjoyed from these conversations by jumping over to instagram @motherofallmovement and remember to connect with the Mothership crew here too @mothership_twac Thanks so much, as always for listening, I’m ever grateful to have you here. Until next season! Kathryn 
In this final episode of season 5 I am joined by half of the Mothership crew who just completed the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge row coming in 2nd place women’s 4 in just over 40 days. They have been training for 2 years, preparing technically and physically as well as getting over the mental hurdle of being out in the Atlantic on their own with no immediate support and rowing 2 hours on 2 hours off for the whole time. Felicity (Dids) and Lebby joined me to chat about their approach to the row, what they found the most challenging part and their experience of being women and mothers rowing this challenge. I love speaking to women who have done something extraordinary against all expectations and the crew of the Mothership are exactly those type of women. If you enjoyed this episode, please do give it a rating and review if you’re on Apple podcasts - it’s super quick and will help others find this podcast amongst all the others out there. Thanks for listening to this series and for joining me in the chats and connections made with inspiring and informative women who happen to be mothers. See you soon for Season 6!
This week I wanted to talk about Distraction following on from a conversation I had with my son about what it was like for him when he’s not playing computer games and has to actually listen to what’s going on in his head. I hope if this resonates with you, it might give you a chance for a moment of reflection on what your version of the Dragon and the Snow Flurry are and what you can move to change instead. Jump over to Instagram to chat to me about this @motherofallmovement I look forward to chatting to you about this. Kathryn
In this short episode Yebin talks through her Top 5 Rules which she follows in life to help keep her connected to what matters and maintain her wellbeing, from breathing to cold showers we’ve got some great stuff going on in this episode! Find Thich Nhat Hanh’s book “You are Here” on Amazon here And find out more about the WimHof method for breathing and cold water immersion here. Remember to check out our full conversation in Episode 86 of the podcast as well and connect with Yebin here on Instagram @yebinmok  Thanks so much, as always, for being here and listening, I so appreciate you. Until next time, movement fans, keeeeep moving!!
Hi Movement Fans! I hope you’ve had a great week? This week I have been thinking about how we measure and notice progress and what happens when we compare. I hope you find this interesting - I’d love to know what you think? As always please jump over to instagram and let me know - come have a chat with me! @motherofallmovement Have a great week and see you next time.
Welcome Movement Fans! In this episode I am joined by the lovely Yebin Mok, who we know now in the UK as a professional on Dancing On Ice but she honed her talent and incredible skill as a figure skater in the US on the junior and Senior Circuit before moving on as a professional in tours like Holiday on Ice. In this conversation we talk about her life as an elite athlete from a very young age and the commitment to the sport she loved which also led to her losing her way a bit. After an identity crisis, episode of depression and eating disorder Yebin found some time away gave her the space she needed to remember why she loved skating in the first place. We also talk about her recovery from giving birth to her 2 kids and her hopes for the future. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. You can connect with Yebin on Instagram here: @yebinmok We’d love to know what you thought of the episode with any comments or feedback, so do come and say hi. And as always, if you’re listening on Apple podcast with the reviews function, please do post a review. Thank you, as always, for being her and being you, I appreciate you. Kathryn @motherofallmovement
In this episode I continue my chat from Episode 83 with Kerrie-Anne Bradley from Pilates at Your Desk to hear all about the things that are most important to her and what she hopes to inspire in others. Remember to catch up with our previous chat if you want to know more about the wonderful Kerrie-Anne and her work keeping us all moving and enjoying it. Thanks for listening, come and say hi over on Instagram @motherofallmovement I’d love to hear from you and what you thought of this and other episodes. Please do share, subscribe, rate and review in any way you can. See you next week!
In this episode I chat to the wonderful Kerrie-Anne Bradley, Mum to Ivy, Pilates teacher, founder of Pilates at Your Desk and author of the recently published “Move More at Your Desk” a fantastic resource for those wanting to bring movement into their daily life more easily. In this conversation we talk about: - how Kerrie-Anne turned people watching at lunchtimes to her advantage when it came to working with people as a teacher - how her clients who moved more at their desks had less aches and pains and made better improvements than those who didn't - how the language of movement and exercise can be a barrier to moving well in those snatches of moments we can find between meetings and at your desk I hope you enjoy this episode and really feel encouraged and motivated to move more in your days to benefit your long term health. You can connect with Kerrie-Anne on Instagram @pilatesatyourdesk Or find her work including corporate and individual workshops and online sessions here: I’d love it if you can also review and rate this podcast if you are listening on Apple podcasts, thank you so much. Thanks for listening, see you next time.
In this week’s episode we are talking about procrastination and how we can find a more effective and compassionate way around it without getting too anxious. I refer heavily here on the work of James Clear in his life-changing book “Atomic Habits” and articles on his website, as well as Kristin Neff’s ground breaking work on self-compassion and her most recent book “Fierce Self Compassion" I look forward to hearing any comments or feedback over on my Instagram @motherofallmovement - it would be brilliant to hear from you and discuss any of these episodes with you. Have a great week and see you next time.
In this special shorter episode with Michaela she shares her Top 5 Rules to Live By in life, a great snap of expertise from a therapist professional. I hope you enjoy this chat and do refer back to our full conversation from Wednesday to hear more from Michaela. Have a great week and see you next time!
In this week’s episode of the MOAM podcast, I am joined by the brilliant clinical psychologist Michaela Thomas, who is a couples therapist, podcast host and author of “The Lasting Connection” as well as mother to 2 little ones. In this conversation we talk about: - navigating the return to life after the pandemic - how values help us to direct our purpose - perfectionism and letting that go - self-worth and self-esteem I hope you enjoy and get something from this episode just as I did. In the episode we mention Kristin Neff’s work in self-compassion and Paul Gilbert’s Compassion Focussed Therapy  Please do leave a review and rating to help others find this podcast amongst the many other wonderful podcasts out there.
Hi Movement Fans, hope you’re having a good day today? This week we’re chatting about pain and how it’s a signpost to what you value in life, understanding why it’s important to lean in to discomfort helps us to live more fully expressed. I’d love to hear from you about today’s short episode so why not jump over to Instagram now and chat to me about it @motherofallmovement Thank for joining me this week, see you next time.
This week’s Top 5 Rules To Live By is given by my guest Sabrina Pace-Humphreys - incredible mother, grandmother, trail runner, coach, co-founder of the Black Trail Runners group and soon to be published author. If you want to hear more from Sabrina, please check out Episode 77 for my full length conversation with her and the show notes there with all her info. Thank you, as always, for being you and being here, I’m ever grateful. See you next time.
In this week’s episode of the Mother Of All Movement Podcast I sat down with the totally incredible Sabrina Pace-Humphreys @sabrunsmiles - who found running just when she needed it after having her 4th child, developing an instant connection with the headspace she got from it. She then saw a documentary of James Cracknell having a horrible time on the Marathon Des Sables and thought “yes, I’m going to do that” and has never looked back. Now she’s on a mission to spread the word that black and brown people have a place in the trail running community by increasing representation and inclusion when she co-founded @blacktrailrunners last year. Sabrina is an amazing woman, mother, grandmother, coach, athlete and soon to be published author with her first book “Black Sheep” out in June. You can find out more about Sabrina on her website here: Have a listen, I’d love to hear what you think so come back and have a chat with us. (A lovely review while your listening would be massively appreciated too please! Thank you so much)
Hello movement fans! I hope you’re well? This week I have been thinking about expectations, reality and disappointment, inspired by Brené Brown’s beautiful book “Atlas of the Heart" I think mothers often have expectations that far exceed the reality of their lived experiences and the disappointment between the two is filled with challenging emotions. I’d love, as always, to know what you think of this episode? Jump over to Instagram now and chat to me about it @motherofallmovement Or better still, let me know in the reviews section of Apple Podcasts!
In this episode Emma, who is a nutritional therapist specialising in peri-menopause and menopause, shares her top 5 rules to help boost your overall wellbeing, gut health and outcomes for a life lived more comfortably as we age. I hope you enjoy this episode and absorb the enthusiasm that Emma has around nutrition for life. If you enjoy it, please do share, rate, review, subscribe, follow - so many jobs to do! Happy moving friends, until next time!
In this episode I speak to the wonderful Emma Ellice-Flint (Emma’s Nutrition) all about her work as a perimenopause and menopause nutritional therapist. Emma works with the Newson Clinic and the Balance App and produces her own cookbooks and runs courses on nutrition for menopause. You can connect with Emma on Instagram here @emmas_nutrition On her website here: And find the Low Histamine Cookbook for download here, which I mention and I use most of the time for guidance and cooking for myself with delicious recipes that help me feel good. You can find information about the wonderful Balance App here We talk about: - issues that arise in peri- and menopause relating to gastrointestinal comfort, intolerances and sensitivities - gut health - histamine intolerance - nutrition for longevity - why we should care about our wellbeing now for the good of our lives. I think you can hear how passionate Emma is about this area as she really speaks to the issues we all may face. As always, thanks for listening, I’m so glad to have you here to share these conversations with, thank you for being part of this podcast along with me. If you could take a moment to rate and review this podcast that would be wonderful. See you next time Kathryn 
Welcome to Monday’s episode, thanks for being here. Today I have a short metaphor for you all about what coping strategies cost us in life and how we can be more effective in the choices we make if we have a mindful approach to our challenges. I hope you enjoy this episode, please do come and say hi over on Instagram @motherofallmovement if you do, I’d love to hear any feedback. I’d also love it if you can share to a friend who might need to hear this today or review the episode or series if you’re on Apple podcasts. Thanks for listening and have a great week, Kathryn
In this episode Aimee shares the mantras she has used just at the right time in her life to help her show up as well as wonderful life tips. You can connect with Aimee on Instagram here @breathe.well I hope you enjoy these short format nuggets of inspiration to give you something to think about while you get on with your day. Make sure you subscribe so you can hear the accompanying longer conversation, released on Wednesdays, and so you get these conversations dropped into your podcast platform every week. Please do share, rate and review as well and thank you from the bottom of my heart for every time that you do. Jump over to say hi to me or give me feedback or comments on this episode or any other on Instagram @motherofallmovement
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