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Author: Kathryn Meadows

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A place to inspire and inform mothers from any stage, and to chat about the trials and tribulations of moving your body after having your kids. I'll be speaking to coaches, instructors, and trainers plus athletes and adventurers who all work with mothers in some way and also happen to be mothers themselves. This isn't about perfection, standards or achieving, this is a conversation about how to make the best of the rest of our lives through a nourishing relationship with our bodies and minds.
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In this brilliant episode I chat with Baz Moffat, a London based PT and Dr Bella Smith, AKA The Digital GP, who are working together to forge a path to inspire and educate women on all matters around the menopause. We talk about the facts around peri-menopause and menopause, the different options for helping minimise symptoms and what the change in hormones means to our adaptations with exercise. Baz and Bella are so knowledgeable, so passionate and brilliantly informative on all things hormonal in this crucial phase of life. If all women go through the menopause and will probably spend longer on the other side of menopause than in all the years from cycles starting to menopause then we all owe it to ourselves, our families and friends to gain more knowledge and appreciation for how effective and awesome we can be. I hope you enjoy and get loads from this episode. You can find more about the work Baz and Bella do here: and you can connect with Dr Bella Smith here: and Baz Moffatt here: Please do leave a review and rate the episode, thank you I’m very grateful.
In this week’s episode I get to chat to one of my heroes in sports science, Dr Emma Ross, who is the Co-Head of Physiology at the English Institute of Sport and the lead for a new campaign they are running called SmartHER which is all about enhancing an athlete’s physiology through an awareness and improved understanding of female specific factors - namely hormones! Emma is really passionate about her work, talks regularly to women and girls ranging from high school students to elite level athletes and their coaches and wants to get across how important this is for all of us.  It’s a crucial conversation whether you are a Saturday park runner, an amateur good-for-age triathlete or have kids who need to know how to navigate their changing cycle through puberty alongside their chosen sport. I hope you enjoy the episode, please do leave a review, hop on over to instagram to chat with me about it and subscribe to get new episodes in your podcast platform first each week.
In this episode I wanted to acknowledge the role our mothers play in our own journey as a mother, particularly for those without their Mum still around. There is so much celebration and joy, exactly as it should be, for Mothers on Mothers Day and so today I wanted to recognise those who have a gaping hole in their lives through Mothers they are missing. Neema is not only a brilliant communicator on post-natal body image and the realities of motherhood with her 8 month old and nearly 3 year old, she has also talked about her life without her Mum and how that feels to her.  My mission with this podcast has always been to show all sides of motherhood, the realities of movement and sharing experiences that either connect us or inspire us and I hope that the issues we talk about today, if they resonate with you, give you some hope and help. Please do take a moment to review the episode you’re listening to, I’d love to hear back from those who listen to these episodes, it means so much to me that you join us for a listen each week. Thank you  You can connect with Neema on Instagram here:
In the next 2 episodes I want to celebrate the joy of sharing stories from brilliant women and this week I am joined by the totally brilliant Jenny Landreth who’s book “Swell: A Waterbiography” is an absolute joy allowing us to envelope ourselves in the glorious stories of women through history and how they fought for equal rights to swim.   I love Jenny’s honesty and humour in communicating her research, what she found, what she thought and how that’s gone into her experience and practice, and I hope you find this chat really interesting. You can find Jenny’s book here on Amazon: And read her Guardian articles here: Please do share this episode with friends, subscribe to receive episodes first and please go and rate and review right now! Thank you x
In this week’s episode I had a super lovely chat with Brit Williams all the way from Dubai when she has just moved there with her husband and 2 year old daughter and waiting for her twins to arrive.  Brit wrote “Mind Body Bump” last year and I wanted to chat to her because it’s such a brilliant strength and conditioning approach to moving in pregnancy and beyond, not the usual “sit and breathe” advice. You can win a copy of Brit’s book by writing a comment on Apple podcasts and the first one to appear and then message me on the post for this podcast on Instagram will be the winner.  You can find me here on Instagram: Brit’s website and her upcoming online course can be found here: Or her Instagram account is here: Please do go and review and rate the episode and subscribe so you can get the episodes in your podcast platform first each week, thanks!
In this week’s episode I had the great pleasure of a long chat with Dr Angela White, a woman who has a lifetime of experience in her work as an orthopaedic surgeon in the NHS, a data analyst and health communication in recent years.  She also has a lifetime of experience as a person who didn’t move much, came to a tricky time in life with her teenage children, an overload of work, ill husband and relatives and a realisation that she was unfit and inactive knowing exactly where that would lead in the end.  So she decided to make small changes to her life over a number of years to improve how she felt and realised this was something that needed to be talked about more especially in the older populations. We discuss those small changes, how change doesn’t need to be complex or massive life shifts, how preparation for a healthy older life starts in our 20s and 30s and Angela’s mission to provide a platform of information and advice to those growing old in a healthy body.  Oh and she holds the record for the oldest woman to run from John O’Groats to Lands End (18 days and a bit!) so we chat about that. Join in the conversation on instagram, Angela is on: I am on: And you can find out more about Angela and her work here: I look forward to hearing any comments, please do get in touch to chat more about this, and share, subscribe, rate and review the episode please! x
This week for episode 53 we are in the company of brilliant businesswoman and general go-doer, Clio Wood, founder of the &Breathe Postnatal Retreats which are an award winning retreat holiday for Mums, Dads, babies, toddlers, multi-generational families and women going through menopause. She has also started some new at home “retreats” - workouts and specialist support plus a food delivery service called Parentfood. Find out more about the &Breathe retreats here: Parentfood: Special podcast listener offer: use the code MOVE25 to get £25 off your first order Clio’s retreat venue is here: I hope you enjoy the episode, get some helpful tips and advice and some understanding on the challenges new Mothers face. Please also review the episode on Apple Podcasts, and share the episode you’ve enjoyed with friends or on social media, tagging me on Instagram:
In this week’s episode I get chatting to fabulous life coach and NLP practitioner Mary “Badass” Meadows all about life as a single working Mum, post-natal depression and getting help or at least working through it somehow, anti-perfection movement practices and where the motivation for change comes from. If you are listening to our section on post-natal depression and connect with what we talk about, please reach out to someone to get help, PANDAs is a brilliant charity set up to support parents suffering depression and may be a good first port of call for you if you don’t feel comfortable talking to your GP or Health Visitor. You can find out more about Mary on her website here: She runs a business coaching group which you can find here: And her instagram is available here: Please do now rate and review the episode on Apple Podcasts so that we can hear back any comments you may have or get involved by chatting over on Instagram: Thanks!
Series 4 ! Welcome to everyone joining me for series 4 and our 51st episode - I’m so happy to still be chatting with amazing, inspiring women and I hope you are still inspired to get out on your own everyday adventures no matter what they are.  Please do get involved by chatting with me over on Instagram on the post about each episode, I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments, also please take the time to review any of the episodes, it helps to position this podcast amongst the thousands out there.  I read out each review at the start of the next recorded episode so you’ll be able to hear back from me when you do take the time. On to this week’s guest, it’s the turn of Ella Foote to chat to me all about open water swimming, dipping every day in December, her own mental health struggles and having motherhood thrust upon her when she met her partner last year and became a step-Mum overnight.  She talks very honestly about how it feels to go from zero to 100mph in the parenting zone and how that has challenged and shaped her.  We also talk lots about open water swimming and cold water swimming, what it means to her and why she found this niche. You can find out about Ella’s company Dip Advisor here: and follow her on Instagram here: I hope you enjoy the episode as much as I did recording it with Ella. x
This week I chatted to Tori James who has led a life filled with adventure and many more to come I’m sure.  After being inducted in the adventure world when working at the Royal Geographical Society, Tori became the youngest woman (at the time) and the first Welsh woman to climb Everest in 2007. There was so much to cover in our conversation with 4 major expeditions in her life which were all so interesting to hear about and to understand the lessons she took from each one.  It was then great to hear her take on the change in life from the pre-kids to post and how she is adapting her life around her young son. You can find out more about Tori here: Here’s the info about the Beeline Britain adventure we talk about: Here is the Fantastic Female Adventurers book we mention: I hope you enjoy the episode and get some great inspiration from all the things we chat about.  I’d love to hear more about your thoughts when you’ve listened. Please also rate and review the episode now on your podcast platform.
In this week’s episode I chatted to Amy Abrahams, freelance writer for online and print media such as The Sunday Times Style, The Pool, Stylist, Glamour, Women's Health and many more and in February 2018, she won the Best Health Journalist award at the Wellness Awards. I love Amy’s open and honest writing and conversations, always interesting and fun with a great dose of feminism, body positivity and a great understanding of the complexities of the various issues we talk about. We talk in this conversation about the responsibility of women’s magazines around diversity and body positivity/neutrality, how Amy has felt going through her pregnancy and post-natally and pre-kids, how running changed her life. You can follow Amy here: And find out more about the What The Health Events here: Please do go ahead and rate and review the episode now on your podcast platform.
This week I had the pleasure of talking to Kelly P from Project Me about her work as the queen of encouraging us to project manage ourselves through small habit creation, looking back each month and checking in with what’s going on in our lives and writing stuff out in order to see what is and isn’t going on in our lives.  In other words, the idea of doing our lives with more control rather than life just being done to us. At this time of year (published December 2019) it’s pretty crucial to keep thinking of how to keep within overwhelm limits and take time to recognise what’s going on before we start the passive aggressive “communication” with our partners. If you’d like to connect with Kelly on instagram that’s here: Her action sheets are here: and I’d really recommend the overwhelm sheet: and the vitality wheel is accessed via this page: Please do go and leave a rating and review now to help spread the word and encourage others to listen to these great conversations. Thank you so much
In this episode I spoke with Annie Broadbent who is a psychosynthesis therapist and the author of the book “Speaking of Death” and now the founder of a platform intended to support mothers who are finding the conversation around motherhood all too positive and sugar coated and who don’t identify the insta-perfect image with their own experience. Whilst this isn’t directly related to movement, my own experience of mental health challenges post 2nd baby meant I had a skewed relationship with my body, my sense of worth and my motivation, and I found that my mental stability directly related to how and why I moved. If this episode resonates with you and you would like support or help, please connect with and reach out to the following organisations and therapists: On Instagram: Website: You can connect with Annie here: or on her instagram: Thanks for listening x
In today’s episode I have a chat with Lulu Adams, who is a personal and group fitness trainer based on the Isle of Wight who is also the head of exercise at the Mummy Tribe retreats in the UK. Lulu rose to fame in the fitness world after training her great friend and TV personality Binky Felstead following the birth of her baby 2 years and both of them spoke passionately and honestly at the time about the real journey of PN rehab. In this brilliant chat, Lulu talks about her experiences of post-natal life, how she uses those and her educational knowledge to help the women she works with and she gives some brilliant tips on how to start and progress through a post-natal training programme. You can find out more about Lulu on her website here: Or on her Instagram here: And you can find out about The Mummy Tribe retreats here: If you enjoy this chat, please do give it a rating and review on your podcast platform as it helps others to find it more easily and share these brilliant stories. Thanks for listening x
In this week’s episode I sat down with Grainne Donnelly and Emma Brockwell briefly while we were at the Being Mum festival. I wanted to catch up with them to discuss the Return to Running Postnatal guidelines that they produced along with Tom Goom earlier this year.  I was interested in what the reaction has been to these important guidelines and where they’re going next. You can download the Postnatal Running Guidelines on the following link: The previous episode I did with Emma was episode 5, and with Grainne it was episode 39 Please rate and review this episode to help spread the word and help others find these great conversations to inspire and motivate other women to move and love it.
In this week’s episode I am sitting down with Caroline Bragg, personal and group trainer at Frame, Mumhood, &Breathe Postnatal retreats and Stylist Strong.  We spent some time talking about why Caroline enjoys training this population so much and what she finds so important about it. Caroline’s enthusiasm is so infectious, you can hear why she’s so in demand so I love that I can share that in this episode. Find out more about Caroline on her Instagram: Or on her website here: Thanks so much for listening, please take a moment to rate and review the episode and please subscribe so you can receive all the new episodes as and when they are released.
Welcome back to part 2 of this wonderful talk with Jessica Hepburn who chats to us now about her new future as an adventure activist. As always, please rate and review and show us some love!
This week is National Fertility Awareness week in the UK and in recognition of that I wanted to put out this double episode of a long conversation I had with Jessica Hepburn.  Jessica Hepburn is the author of 2 books: The Pursuit of Motherhood and 21 Miles: Swimming in Search of the Meaning of Motherhood. Jessica is also the founder, in 2016, of Fertility Fest, the world's first arts festival dedicated to fertility, infertility, modern families and the science of making babies, having previously held the role of Executive Director at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith. Jessica is an extraordinary woman for many reasons, she went through 11 rounds of ultimately unsuccessful IVF over 9 years and then decided to swim the English Channel and is now training to make an attempt to climb Everest.  Jessica’s book “21 Miles” made me realise that we need to have a broader conversation of what motherhood means and that I want to be part of a more responsible, diverse and inclusive message. You can find out about Jessica’s work here: And Fertility Fest here: You can find her books on Amazon here: You can also follow Jessica on Twitter: Please do rate and review this episode on your podcast platform and hold on to listen to Part 2
This week I am sitting down with Clare Bourne and chatting all about pelvic health and postnatal return to strength.  Clare is a Women’s health physio at Six Physio in London, the resident physio at the Mummy Tribe retreats and is the referral point for Bumps and Babies.  She is Mum to a nearly 3 year old and is also 29 weeks pregnant when we recorded. I love chatting to Clare about how important women’s health physio is, how much difference it can make to get this essential check in done at whatever point you are at and the language we use for ourselves and our kids around pelvic health. You can connect with Clare here: You can download the booklets, which Clare mentions, that the Pelvic, Obstetric and Gynae Physiotherapy (POGP) produce here: And you can find a Women’s Health Physio here: Please do take the time to rate and review this episode and subscribe so you can receive new episodes every week.
Series 3 - Episode 40 In this week’s episode I chat to Sara Johnson who is a Yoga Nidra teacher and Reiki practitioner among other things.  Sara and I met through the Nourish app to which she contributes and I wanted to share her story with you because she really exemplifies how getting a physical diagnosis doesn’t have to mean the end of our movement journey, there is so much we can do to help reduce pain, calm anxiety around pain and strengthen our minds at the same time. I hope you get some real insight into the alternative ways we can move through this chat. Do let us know what you think and if you have any feedback, I’d love to hear any comments, questions or remarks you have about this episode and any others.  My instagram is: Sara has kindly shared a download with us, you can access it by going onto her website and filling in your info very quickly on the homepage: You can also find out more about Sara and her work at: If you are interested in the Nourish App you can see that here: Or here: Finally I mentioned my retreat at the beginning, please find out more about that on my website here: or email me:
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