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Author: Christy R. Hall, Wellness Mindset Coach & Emotional Alchemist

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Losing weight is hard especially when you struggle with cravings and urges at every turn. Emotional eating expert, Christy R. Hall shares fork-sized mindset tweaks, perspective shifts and lifestyle hacks to get you back on the wagon and down the road to the best possible version of you.
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This week we’re talking about self-acceptance and self compassion and how they can help you with your quest to release unwanted weight and master your emotional eating.
This week we’re continuing our discussion on self-sabotage. This is such an important topic because this self-sabotage is what keeps us from the very things we desire in life: that promotion, a healthy relationship, even health and weight loss. Be sure to check the website for a downloadable worksheet to help you thru the exercises I talk about in the podcast. 
This week we’re talking about inner conflict. What it is, how to get to the root of it, and how to resolve it.
This week we’re talking overwhelm. It can be a general state of being for some people that can lead to overeating. Today, I share some effective ways to handle overwhelm (and procrastination) that you can start using right now.
This week we’re talking about how to stop hating and shaming your body. This kind of negative feedback is a poor source of motivation and ultimately erodes your body image and self-esteem. Listen in for the 7 ways to release body hate and body shame. And don’t forget to check the website for your hypnotic download.
This week we’re talking about the body positivity movement, what it is, what it should be and whether you can want to release excess weight and still be body positive.
No matter how positive, outgoing, or successful we are, everyone has some degree of this negative thinking going on. In this episode, we’re talking about tips, tricks, and tools, for shutting down that Negative Nancy in your head so you can get on with being, doing, and having whatever it is you want.
This week we’re talking about donuts and other cravings and how your mindset around those delectable items of desire MATTERS if you ever intend to be able to pass by them without shoving handfuls in your face.
This week we’re talking about the difference between acknowledging our thoughts, feelings, and situation and getting stuck down in those thoughts, and feelings. AND when we find ourselves stuck down in it, what to do to get out of it!
This week we’re talking about more techniques you can use to mange your emotions and get you back in control, so you can make the next best steps for yourself without guilt and regret.
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