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Author: Penney Megginson

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Learn how your thoughts and mindset affect your health, happiness, and performance. Learn powerful neuro-training techniques to improve reactions to stress by Penney Megginson, founder of Megginson Method. Interviews with mind-body gurus and health practitioners on gaining better balance in life.
16 Episodes
Beating Binge Eating

Beating Binge Eating


In this episode, I discuss emotional/ binge eating in the context of trauma and emotional connections which can lead to bingeing. I am joined by Stephenie Farrell, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and we dig into the science behind EFT tapping, the stress response, and ways to overcome binge eating.
In this episode I am joined by Meg Crockett, Integrative Health Coach. We will discuss all aspects of physical health and mental health ranging from gut health and systemic inflammation to disconnection from one's true emotional wellness.
In this exciting episode, I am joined by Andrew Petty, Life Coach & Podcaster, to discuss how to create your dynamic "Personal Owner's Manual" to better understand yourself, enjoy yourself more and build a life of significance. We discuss the aspects of nature, nurture, and now.
In this episode with Alexandra McCormick, Health & Wellness expert, we will discuss her years as a professional ballet dancer and the effect it had on body image and her eating habits. We will discuss the impact of social pressures on body image and disordered eating and how to live a life based on good health and striving for your goals.
Joined by Miranda Hall, Quantum based Intuitive Relationship and Life Coach, we will discuss how to find love, happiness and unlimited manifestation in your relationships and life by understanding easy, fun, and practical applications of Quantum Theories.
This episode will discuss the impact our dreams have on what thoughts are occurring in our subconscious. Learn how paying attention to the meanings and signs in them can help us better live our lives with greater self-awareness. I will be joined by Debbie Spector Weisman, a Dream Coach, author & podcast host, who will discuss many of the most common symbols and meanings of our dreams.
What's Your story ?

What's Your story ?


We each have our own story, our own journey, and the lessons learned (or not) along the way. Join me with Adam Parr, Certified Life Coach and Host of Parrsitivity Podcast, as we discuss how our perceptions of our story impact how we live our life. Learn how to change these perceptions for a more positive, motivated approach to life.
Join me in this episode on the limiting beliefs and thoughts behind addictive behaviors. Tracey Celotti, Certified Transformation Life Coach and Personal Trainer, and we discuss eating disorders, anxiety, depression and addiction. Learn the questions to ask yourself about specific addictive tendencies/ addictions and the tools that help overcome them.
Conscious Eating

Conscious Eating


In this episode, I am joined by Rosemarie Mitchell, a Conscious Eating Coach, who is currently working on her PhD in Health Psychology. We discuss the mind principles needed for creating long-term transformation in health, food choices, habits, and weight management. We give insight into how to be more mindful about healthy daily routines and self-care. Gratitude and self-acceptance are also part of the framework. If you have ever found it difficult to maintain or lose...
Gabriella Wolson is a Business and Life Coach. In this very inspiring episode, we discuss what it is that truly keeps us feeling stuck and how to make the steps toward moving forward and creating the life that you want. The first step is getting clear and grounded in your vision. We talk about getting out of your comfort zone. Listen to the full episode to learn all the steps to getting unstuck and creating your own personal vision, and learn the negative effects...
Michelle Blasen of Blazen Systems discusses her personal journey from the disappointment of an injury costing her a university sports career but led her down the path of sports psychology. We discuss her work with top athletes and how to keep "your head in the game" but also how to "leave it on the field" afterwards in order to achieve balance. In this episode, we discuss how to use the traumas in life to empower you and the power of visualization for changing our beliefs of...
Anita Jetzer is a yoga teacher, Clarity Breathwork practitioner and certified life coach. In this episode, we discuss the importance of conscious breathing and breathwork as a tool for tapping into alternate states of consciousness and how this technique can heal depression, anxiety, chronic pain and more. Discover how our health is our wealth, that we all have the power and wisdom we need inside ourselves and how we can heal ourselves with the power of our own breath.
Patricia Young, an author and coach to Highly Sensitive People discusses the HSP trait and her personal journey with HSP. In this episode, we discuss sensitives, creatives, deep thinkers and deep feelers. We discuss how to embrace these traits, manage your emotions, and the importance of setting clear boundaries to reduce anxiety, stress, and increase mindfulness.
Treasa Fitzgibbon, a career coach and strategist for women, gives clear, practical tools to find a balance in your work and private life. We discuss how to set boundaries, plan and create habits that will have a positive impact on both your career and your personal life. In this episode, we discuss the importance of core values and they affect our ability to move forward and be happy. We discuss negative belief systems, sabotaging behavior and impostor syndrome and how to overcome...
Tapashi Devchoudhury is a guru in trauma release and we discuss the link that stressful events and trauma can have on health conditions and chronic pain, even being the cause in many cases. Tapashi was born in a Hindu Brahmin family in Northeast India where she was brought up with the wisdom of ancient Hindu philosophies. In this episode, we discuss the subtleties of oriental philosophy and the connections between mind, body and spirit. We talk about trauma and micro-trauma,...