DiscoverMoonshots with Naveen Jain(EP29) Redefine Your Future with Markie Williams
(EP29) Redefine Your Future with Markie Williams

(EP29) Redefine Your Future with Markie Williams

Update: 2019-12-03


Today, most people know Markie Williams as a champion bodybuilder, powerful businesswoman, and renowned podcast host. Markie is a five-time national qualifier for the National Physique Committee competition, and two-time National Bikini Pro Athlete. In short, she’s the epitome of strength.


But what most people don’t know is that just a few years ago, she was on the run from a dangerous domestic violence situation, with her life at stake.


This intimate conversation between Markie and Naveen includes:

  • The moment when Markie left an extremely abusive relationship and found herself at rock bottom—with no friends, family, or home
  • What initially drew Markie to the sport of bodybuilding, and the discipline it requires
  • How Markie talked herself through her slow climb out of rock bottom
  • The platform she’s now giving to fellow survivors of abuse to share their stories and be inspired to redefine their futures
  • The role that forgiveness plays in personal healing


Connect with Markie on Instagram and Facebook @markiewilliams, or LinkedIn.

Check out Project Markie—find it wherever you listen to podcasts (just search “Project Markie,” and join the Facebook group for survivors and listeners @projectmarkie.


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Connect with Naveen on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @naveenjainceo. You can check out his YouTube channel and website, too!


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(EP29) Redefine Your Future with Markie Williams

(EP29) Redefine Your Future with Markie Williams