DiscoverMoonshots with Naveen Jain(EP44) Naveen Jain: AMA Round 8
(EP44) Naveen Jain: AMA Round 8

(EP44) Naveen Jain: AMA Round 8

Update: 2020-03-17


The episode you’ve been waiting for… Naveen Jain answers your latest #AMA questions! Make sure to submit YOURS on YouTube (comment on any video on the Moonshots playlist) or Instagram (comment on any Moonshots post).

The questions you’ll hear answered in this episode:

1:20 - Naveen, do you have any interest in poetry? Novels? Movies? Do you [believe] that poetry, novels, movies [and such] things can help millions of lives? And, do you see any science in the art field?

Sara Al-Abdulla

2:52 - Do you have any favorite pieces of art, poetry, or artists?

@mandythebos, AMA host

4:03 - Sir, as a mentor, what advice would you like to give a 20-year-old kid; like you, when you [were] in your 20s?

@Amanuplakshya on Instagram

6:52 - Is not Mars’s climate too different for us Earth-born humans to breath[e] air there?

@Illah_pashon on Instagram

9:50 - What do you think about the fires in the Amazon [rainforest, and now in Australia]?

@Gkldminds on Instagram

13:59 - Is stem cell meat “life”?

@mandythebos, AMA host

17:30 - I belong to [the] aviation industry in India, and you have your own space mining company “Moon Express." Do you think that your shift in perspective [about industry newcomers being ideal disruptors] healthy for our industry or not?

@Raxiettheboss on Instagram

Episode References:

Elon Musk: Nuke Mars


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(EP44) Naveen Jain: AMA Round 8

(EP44) Naveen Jain: AMA Round 8