DiscoverMoonshots with Naveen Jain(EP32) The Gift of Struggle with Bobby Herrera
(EP32) The Gift of Struggle with Bobby Herrera

(EP32) The Gift of Struggle with Bobby Herrera

Update: 2019-12-24


“You’d have to be crazy to want struggle.  But you’d have to be even crazier to think it won’t happen.” — Bobby Herrera on Moonshots


Bobby Herrera’s Moonshot is to reframe how the world views struggle, by empowering people to embrace the wisdom and resilience that comes from it.


The son of a hard-working bracero (manual laborer), Bobby Herrera has experienced from an early age what it takes to live a life of hard-won resilience. From not knowing if there would be enough food to feed all his siblings, to being bullied for the color of his skin, Bobby was no stranger to struggle growing up.


And today, this insightful, humble, giving man is the owner of Populus Group, which now employs over 8,000 people—putting meals on their families’ tables each night.


Press play for:

  • The moment in Bobby’s life, at age 17, when he felt truly seen for the first time
  • The #1 lesson Bobby learned in the military: the most valuable asset you can develop as a leader or team player
  • What kept Bobby going in the first 5 years of his business
  • Why asking for help is a true sign of strength — and who to ask for it


Naveen highly recommends Bobby’s book, The Gift of Struggle.

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(EP32) The Gift of Struggle with Bobby Herrera

(EP32) The Gift of Struggle with Bobby Herrera