DiscoverMoonshots with Naveen Jain(EP34) Naveen Jain: AMA Round 6
(EP34) Naveen Jain: AMA Round 6

(EP34) Naveen Jain: AMA Round 6

Update: 2020-01-07


What do AI, health care, and setbacks have in common? They were addressed by Naveen in this episode!

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The questions you’ll hear answered in this episode:


1:06 - I’ve found more fulfillment from seeing my positive impact in a few people’s lives, rather than billions. ... I see the potential in a massive-scale business, but how do I know if I’m cut out for that?

@Wisdombyme on Instagram

2:54 - What do you think about that part of @wisdombyme’s question, “it’s not for everyone?”

@mandythebos, AMA host

4:03 - Do you think that people can integrate a moonshot into their current job, or do they need to throw everything away and say, “well I'm starting a business”? And, what’s the first step to choosing your moonshot?

@mandythebos, AMA host

6:13 - Do you have any advice or suggestions on how to get started in the healthcare field?

Every Bits on YouTube

14:54 - Will the market opportunities around AI be less accessible to startups and small businesses?

Oli Gilpin on Youtube 


Episode References: (Mandy shared her own family’s story)


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(EP34) Naveen Jain: AMA Round 6

(EP34) Naveen Jain: AMA Round 6