046 - Making Better CHOICES in LIFE

046 - Making Better CHOICES in LIFE

Update: 2021-06-08


In this week’s episode I share with you how to make better choices in life! There is no doubt that life is full of CHOICES and/or decisions. My goal is to share with you REASONS why we should NEVER regret the choices we have made in our life and learn to make BETTER choices moving forward.

I always say that “a choice you make TODAY can CHANGE your destiny for tomorrow”.

  1. WE ARE ALL HUMAN and everyone has made some wrong choices, but NEVER beat yourself up for that. Learn from it and move forward to do better and understand your reasons for making that CHOICE at that time, accept it and move FORWARD and GROW from it.

  2. MOTIVATE yourself to make better choices as you grow in life. Take on NEW opportunities,  and find that one thing that keeps you moving forward. FIND IT and GROW IT.

  3. YOU be YOU. Do not live someone else’s DREAM because you are afraid to make a wrong choice. Get to know you and live your own life, not someone else’s. 

  4. UNDERSTANDING that we CANNOT always be waiting for that PERFECT TIME to make a choice. When you think you finally made the right choice at the perfect time there is always something or someone else that opposes it.

  5. Avoiding the NOISE around you. When it comes time to make those difficult choices, take advice from those you TRUST and have guided you in your life and know who to take advice from.

And as I always say … “Choices in LIFE we MAKE allow for us to GROW tomorrow” - Hugo Almeida.

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046 - Making Better CHOICES in LIFE

046 - Making Better CHOICES in LIFE