DiscoverThe Matt Walker Podcast#65 - Sleep & Athletes with Dr. Michael Grandner pt.2
#65 - Sleep & Athletes with Dr. Michael Grandner pt.2

#65 - Sleep & Athletes with Dr. Michael Grandner pt.2

Update: 2024-01-152


In this second installment of their fascinating conversation together, Matt Walker and Michael Grandner continue their discussion regarding the crucial role of sleep in the lives of athletes. Together they delve into the unique challenges athletes face, such as irregular schedules, early mornings, late-night competitions, and travel across time zones, all of which can disrupt their sleep patterns. 

Dr. Grandner emphasizes the need for athletes to "bank sleep" by ensuring they get sufficient rest before challenging periods and maintaining a consistent sleep schedule. He also recommends strategies like exposure to natural light and physical activity during the day to help athletes adapt to different time zones and create a sleep-conducive environment in hotel rooms. Additionally, our duo acknowledge that some elite athletes may require slightly longer sleep durations due to increased recovery needs and their age group, which includes late adolescents and young adults. While they don't prescribe a fixed duration like 10-11 hours for all athletes, they stress the importance of prioritizing sleep as a fundamental component of an athlete's training and performance regimen. They also touch upon the impact of caffeine and creatine on sleep and highlight the efforts of organizations like the NCAA and the International Olympic Committee in addressing sleep issues and providing guidelines to support athletes' well-being.

Please note that Matt is not a medical doctor, and none of the content in this podcast should be considered medical advice in any way, shape, or form, nor prescriptive in any way. 

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#65 - Sleep & Athletes with Dr. Michael Grandner pt.2

#65 - Sleep & Athletes with Dr. Michael Grandner pt.2

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