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7. Ask Me Anything (AMA) Special

7. Ask Me Anything (AMA) Special

Update: 2021-08-12


It's hard to scale down an hour long conversation, followed by an evening of written Q&A on Reddit into a ~20 minute show, but tonight I tried.

On this special episode of the show I have experimented with a different format – with three questions from the AMA, and a summary of my answers. Hope you enjoy the episode!

In this episode I share my answers to:

  • How has working with the team changed over the years?

  • How have we managed to get publicity for GoSquared over the years?

  • What advice would I give to my 20 year old self?

Actions / take aways

  • As a CEO, a lot of your job is to: give direction, unblock, and communicate with your team.

  • Don't purely focus on the marketing that is measurable – take risks, experiment, be bold. Do things that are impossible to measure.

  • With your marketing – make time for responding and reacting to news-worthy events in your industry. Newsjacking is a thing!

  • Be clear with what you want from life, from your business, from your team. It will make a lot of things easier.

  • Find a coach to help you make time for yourself and clarify your thoughts. You'll be glad you did.

Links and further reading

Thanks, and see you next time!

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7. Ask Me Anything (AMA) Special

7. Ask Me Anything (AMA) Special

James Gill