DiscoverWifeSavers PodcastEp 22: Finding and Pursuing His Quest
Ep 22: Finding and Pursuing His Quest

Ep 22: Finding and Pursuing His Quest

Update: 2019-02-13


Most men, once married, know they need to fill their pockets with more than love; they need to do something; to be somebody. He may be so focused and driven that he leaves the family in the dust. On the other hand, his career path may be more of a meandering stroll than a focused climb. Maybe he's too discouraged or too comfortable with the status quo? Or does it seem that one-too-many opportunities have passed him by?

Multi-award winning marriage author and educator, Ramona Zabriskie and her husband, Dale, explain how most men view their “work” or their quest for “a work” in a way that answers a wife who is baffled and even frightened by her husband’s direction in life. 

Throw Me a WifeSaver: “I don’t know what my husband’s quest is because I don’t think he knows, either. That’s a HUGE frustration in our marriage and it’s becoming a big problem. Any advice?”

Listen and learn how a worthy “quest” is defined for a man: a fulfilling dream, a rewarding pursuit that will help him mature into his best, most courageous, most loving self for the sake of the whole family.

Key Points:

- How a man’s work is related to his identity and self-respect

- Myths about achievement and career development

- The weighty considerations in a man’s mind regarding his work choice

- How to be a help in the process without creating stress

- The definition of a “quest”

- The single most important consideration in settling on a direction

- The four attributes of a worthy and effective “quest”

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Ep 22: Finding and Pursuing His Quest

Ep 22: Finding and Pursuing His Quest

Ramona Zabriskie