DiscoverClassCast PodcastEp.074 -- Al Kingsley -- My Secret #EdTech Diary
Ep.074 -- Al Kingsley -- My Secret #EdTech Diary

Ep.074 -- Al Kingsley -- My Secret #EdTech Diary

Update: 2021-08-16


ClassCast Podcast Ep.074 features Al Kingsley -- CEO of NetSupport Inc., school leader & administrator in the United Kingdom, and author of the hit new book My Secret #EdTech Diary -- speaking with host Ryan Tibbens about his career in educational technology, what he's learned by leading his own schools, how the pandemic has changed education, why personal reflection is so important, why #EdTech really is for everyone, and more. Al's book "gives an insider's view of education technology historically and for the post-pandemic future." With a career in technology that spans over three decades, and with experiences launching and leading great schools, Al is uniquely positioned to help teachers and school administrators better understand the value of education technology, how to leverage it, and why common sense adoption and professional development practices ultimately lead to better education and happier teachers. From focusing on students to reflecting on professional practices, from digital citizenship to data security, Kingsley and Tibbens address the most important ideas behind #EdTech.

Table of Contents (*highlights)

  1. 0:00-3:15 -- Intro to Al Kingsley & My Secret #Edtech Diary
  2. 3:15-12:15 -- Tech Adoption for Teachers and Districts **
  3. 12:15-19:00 -- Improving #EdTech by Improving Professional Development & Relationships *
  4. 19:00-31:02 --Pandemic Schooling, Innovation, & Reflection
  5. 31:02-37:04 -- Al's Education & Entry into School Leadership
  6. 37:04-50:35 -- Assessment, Reflection, & #EdTech for Success *
  7. 50:35-1:03:57 -- Student Privacy & Data Security
  8. 1:03 :57-1:16:19 -- Al's Ideal School *
  9. 1:16 :19-1:24:16 -- Final Thoughts, Book/Movie Recs, & Wrap-Up

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Ep.074 -- Al Kingsley -- My Secret #EdTech Diary

Ep.074 -- Al Kingsley -- My Secret #EdTech Diary

Ryan Tibbens