DiscoverSocial Creative ConversationsJessica Gallo : [Harp] Sounds for Healing
Jessica Gallo : [Harp] Sounds for Healing

Jessica Gallo : [Harp] Sounds for Healing

Update: 2023-02-08


 I first heard Jessica Gallo playing alongside another harpist on a dark, rainy winter night in December.  It was my first sound bath experience, and it did not disappoint.   It was at the height of a very low time for me, and I was feeling a deep need in my body for calm and stillness-almost hibernation?

Jessica is a professional musician, and a Certified Music Practitioner.  She creates beautiful environments for people to relax their body, unlace tension and stress, and receive healing balm through harp music.   Her work can be seen during the day at hospice clinics, and Critical Care and Oncology Units at local hospitals.

Music is an important balm for something that can't be cured, but can be healed for a time . It helps us process feelings and sort through emotion.  It can have a positive physical reaction towards healing.
In this episode we talk about the beauty of music as a tool for healing.   
Listen in as she speaks to the difference of CMP vs Music Therapist, the relationship of practitioner to patient during a time of suffering, creating space for a sound bath, and some suggestions for calming music to speak directly to our whole bodies-soul, spirit, mind, senses. 

Not Quite Classical, Spotify
Chasing the Present,  by Snorri Hallgrímsson
Music for Growing Flowers, Erland Cooper

BE STILL featuring Jessica Gallo

February 25, 2023 | Saturday | 6:00 pm
Hosted at Lulumiére Shop

Experience a created space of beauty, melodic sounds of music and warmth of candlelight. Both part of a ritualistic stillness that provides healing to body, soul, mind, and spirit. Guests enjoy the hospitality of Lulumière Shop, and enjoy private harp sound bath by CMP (Certified Music Practitioner) Jessica Gallo.
Guests experience the hospitality and nurturing spirit of Lulumière Shop, then enjoy a peaceful harp sound bath featuring a variety of musical selections, both familiar and soft ambient by professional musician and CMP (Certified Music Practitioner) Jessica Gallo.  Set your intention, and let the music move your body and mind posture away from stress  and into still.

Each guest recieves a personally selected candle from Lulumière's PRISMA Collection.

Register HERE :

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Jessica Gallo : [Harp] Sounds for Healing

Jessica Gallo : [Harp] Sounds for Healing

Jessica Gallo / Amy Vallejo