DiscoverSocial Creative ConversationsVermouth : Natural Beauty; With Color.
Vermouth : Natural Beauty; With Color.

Vermouth : Natural Beauty; With Color.

Update: 2023-04-21


Our investigation and appreciation of beauty continues with a sustainable, colorful addition to make or match your mood.

Meet Jill Jago and Meg Diaz, the co-founders and creators of Vermouth.  Brainstormed over 2 glasses of vermouth, these experienced businesswomen found a way to honor the earth and honor your natural beauty by developing lip colors you'll love to wear every day of the week.  Literally, a shade for each new day or mood or style you have.   Be it on the trail, in the carpool, at the art gallery, or out on the town-they have you colored, but not covered.  Vermouth's commitment is to value your inner beauty first, "Be You. Then Add Some Color".

In our episode, we explore the beauty philosophy and intentions for Vermouth's lip crayons.  Additionally, we discuss how our beauty ideals change; depending on age, life stage, personality, mood, experiences.  We dive into the struggles and challenges women face  with beauty and aging.  Hear them speak to their design process, inspiration for colors, exceptional dedication to sustainability, and pursuit of fun in every flight.   "We don't want precious. It should just be fun and disposable in a guilt free way"

Amen to that. 
ps- Give yourself permission to do "Red"

Vermouth is a collaborator for our Freedom Movement on May 7.   Come mix your shade and see what 5 days of color look like!  Kiss, Kiss.

Vermouth :
Instagram:  @vermouth_beauty
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Vermouth : Natural Beauty; With Color.

Vermouth : Natural Beauty; With Color.

Amy Vallejo / Vermouth / Jill Jago / Meg Diaz