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OHSUN :  Love + Lessons Through Banchan

OHSUN : Love + Lessons Through Banchan

Update: 2023-03-11


Meet Sara Upshaw, owner and team lead at OHSUN Banchan in Seattle's Pioneer Square neighborhood.    Her Korean deli & cafe has been getting quite the buzz, and all well deserved!   While Sara is known in the food industry for her Korean flavors ( see her blog Kimchi Halfie and her authored cookbook,"Korean Barbecue at Home"), she has recently overcome hurdle after hurdle from opening a restaurant in a city struggling to recover post pandemic style.

Hear Sara share about how,  despite the delays and hurdles, she's managed to express her passion for people and food through the art of Korean banchan.    She brings forward so many incredible flavors and recipes, thanks to the inspiration of her culture and dear Halmoni (grandmother, Oh Sun Pak, whom the deli is named after).   Not only that, her food is 100% gluten free-a rarity gem find for any Korean food or plant based, gluten-free eater!  Score!

Listen to her speak to her corporate turned restauranteur dream come true-and the community that came around her, fueling her to serve the same to them for as long as she can.

Thanks to OHSUN for hosting Social Creative Workshops at one of our Culture Club dinners.  A stellar private event for hungry diners from over 14 neighborhoods all looking to celebrate Asian culture and food from a woman owned, local restaurant with tasty Banchan ! 

Go, visit and enjoy OHSUN!  Tell her Amy sent you :)

OHSUN Banchan Deli & Cafe:
Instagram: @ohsunbanchan

Kimchi Halfie: @kimchihalfie

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OHSUN :  Love + Lessons Through Banchan

OHSUN : Love + Lessons Through Banchan

Amy Vallejo / Sara Upshaw