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The Story & Experience of Heyday Farm

The Story & Experience of Heyday Farm

Update: 2022-05-04


There's a magical farm on Bainbridge Island that lives by the slogan "Your food has a story".   I love this adage because I think there is always more than meets the eye.   Any great experience will tell you that.   This charming, historic farmhouse delivers the story from the gardens, the farmers,  the farm to table community dinners, their CSA boxes, and the onsite bakery.  Many hands and hearts caring about guest and ground. 

Let's meet the husband and wife duo, Tad & Tifanie Mitsui,  who own and run Heyday Farm.
Both vibrant in food and hospitality, these born and raised Bainbridgers love the community and believe that simple food is beautiful food.  Sustainability and nourishment in our food systems should be increased and shared just as family farms did back in their heydays.

They delight guests through all kinds of experiences, whether it a wine-maker dinner, wedding, community dinner or a retreat (just like our day retreat, Day Away!)

So excited to be with them for Day Away on May 22.  It's a time to dis-connect in order to re-connect.  The best gift of a thoughtfully planned day meant to spoil you with goodness including food, creativity, nature, beauty, hand-crafted wares, & like-minded women is ready for you.     We will have a long table meal enjoying the food and wine from Heyday, and you'll even get to interact in the chef garden by picking some of the table elements.

Heyday is the perfect escape to be a destination, but close enough to make it easy!

Find out more details & register here:  DAY AWAY

Heyday Farm website:
Heyday Farm Instagram: 

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The Story & Experience of Heyday Farm

The Story & Experience of Heyday Farm

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