DiscoverIn the DarkS1 E3: The One Who Got Away
S1 E3: The One Who Got Away

S1 E3: The One Who Got Away

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The closest you can get to a conversation with Jacob Wetterling about his abduction is to talk to Jared Scheierl. Scheierl was walking home from an ice skating rink in Cold Spring in January 1989 when a man who turned out to be Danny Heinrich forced him into a car, assaulted him, and let him go, uttering some chilling parting words: "If they come close to finding out who I am, I'll find you and kill you." That was nine months before Jacob's abduction. Support investigative journalism with a donation to In the Dark.

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Simon Folkard

What a disgrace these investigators were, i would be utterly ashamed if it were me.

Jan 13th

I Hope Someone Relates

Ummm... as a detective... wouldn't you go ask the police of the town the person of interest lived if they had any cases similar? Why the hell would they just sit and wait for people to come to them? Unbelievable.

Jul 20th


Jared's friend Cory would have no info for the FBI. The question the producer asks is stupid. Cory had no information related to Jared's case, so they wouldn't waste their time asking him questions.

May 6th
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Apple Betty

Why the hell are small towns notorious for crappy investigative work...maybe lack of funding? Still even 2 or 3 law enforcement officers could have done a better job and caught this creep a lot sooner.

Dec 28th
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Its painful to listen to how incompetent the law enforcement was in that area at investigating and protecting children from that predator.

Nov 30th

Nancy Lapus

threat or experienced to be evaluated -- how to reverse psychology works

Oct 5th

Barbara Jones

being a Minnesota resident my entire life, I'm very familiar with the Jacob wetterling case. I'm glad it was finally solved. today for the past couple hours I've been traveling on 23... from I-94 going through Cold Springs and Paynesville...While listening to this podcast. I feel a very deep sadness for all the boys that were affected by this creep. And for the wetterling family. 😢

Mar 23rd

Gary Herman

this podcast is done.

Nov 29th
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S1 E3: The One Who Got Away

S1 E3: The One Who Got Away

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