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S1 E6: Stranger Danger

S1 E6: Stranger Danger

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In the 1970s and early '80s, missing children weren't considered a policing priority. You couldn't even enter missing child information into the FBI's national crime database. But that changed quickly. Support investigative journalism with a donation to In the Dark.

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Lorenzo B. Esparza

Give me a break! These Pedophiles are complaining that life is hard because they have to register as a set offender, especially this guy she interviewed. If he actually met up with the two under aged girls then what? He wouldn't have been sorry. What of the harm he would have caused...could have caused? They want their cake and eat it too. The message is...STAY AWAY FROM OUR KIDS!!!

Jun 1st

Pam Roberson Livingston

Are you kidding me? This went from investigating a death of a boy by a sex offender to “poor sex offenders can’t find a place to live”? Done with this podcast on episode 6!

Feb 20th

Pam Roberson Livingston

Are you kidding me? This went from investigating a death of a boy by a sex offender to “poor sex offenders can’t find a place to live”? Done with this podcast on episode 6!

Feb 20th

Jane E

Gosh! Poor Marco!! Not. Though I agree that some people on the registry may not belong there, he definitely does. I don't feel sorry for him in the least.

Feb 3rd

Valerie Lee

Being a survivor that has spent 45 years recovering from 10 different men sexually abusing me from 3 to 17 years old I find your opinions during This season 1 episode 6 segment ignorant and unacceptable for me to contribute by listening to your Podcast any longer. You need to be interviewing people that have had this experience before you give opinions or even look like you're giving opinion on giving a fuck.about where sexual offenders live. Victimes, is working to be survivors, working to be conquerors of what these men have done do it all of their lives and I am supposed to feel sorry that they to have it can't find a place to live easily. Fuck that.

Sep 11th

Robin Larrabee

Quit listening after episode 6. We are our children's voices. I don't agree with using this forum to give Jacob and his family a voice, then inserting in the middle, an episode expressing the struggles and concerns offenders are having. That should be a whole other podcast.

Jul 26th
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Heidi Mae Stoa Price

whoa guys I don't think the investigative reporter is feeling sorry for the sex offender she is investigating all sides of the registry laws and the effects of the law on everyone including the offender it's just one side of the whole main point of the episode. I think she's staying on the non biased side like a good investigative reporter unlike most.

May 26th
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Tara Lacey

of course sex offenders shouldn't live near schools and day care centers! how does this not make sense to the reporter? poor pedophile, can't find a place to live... gimme a break, you suffer the consequences

Mar 6th

Melissa Enquist

a stranger tried to kidnapped me when i was 14 thank goodness i was able to get away. if it happened to you personally you may have a differant view.

Mar 5th

Luis Simosa

So... no one listen the part that you can get in the registry for pee outdoors? wow

Aug 27th
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Morteza K

I feel like most people angry with this episode didn't listen to it carefully. Not everyone on the Sex offenders database are child molesters or real Sex offenders. No one is defending pedophiles. It just wants to show how the system fails to do anything effective against them. Before getting angry, listen carefully.

Aug 2nd
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Jessica Ressler

Really enjoying this Podcast until they seemed to be defending or feeling sorry for sex offenders. If you want to be able to live wherever you want, don't commit sex offences. And "forced homelessness" Marcos? No one FORCED you to commit a sec offense to get on the registry. YOU did that! Our children's rights are more important than those of someone who hurts or attempts to hurt or exploit them.

Jun 28th


Editing stinks, parts are completely cut out in most of the episodes. Really compelling story so parts being cut out is really disappointing.

Jun 20th

Vicky Riddle

Are sex offenders against children nice sweet people whose rights are more important than the rights of those children they have ruined? can they EVER do enough time or be punished enough for what they've done? how about those children? do you think they will EVER be right again?

May 31st

Rick Arden

I was really enjoying this series until she started defending child molestors! typical of today's liberal minds.....defending the criminal above the rest of us! That Mario guy said the laws do not serve any purpose, is he fucking high? They serve a very important purpose! They are protecting our children from people like him! In my opinion, if you sexually abuse a child you deserve life in prison without parole, or better yet the death penalty! And no sitting on death row for 30 years.....if you are found guilty you go straight to the chair.

May 29th
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Jacqueline Anderson

Sex offenders have less than 1 % of changing. No matter what their punishment or rehabiltation. Patty did not grow up with one so I understand her empathy. I suggest she look at the stats. Honestly, because of this, I believe they should get the death penalty. It would kill their disease and give them peace.

May 6th
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Patrick's Mom


Apr 24th

Erin Lawlor

So, I enjoyed the podcast until the 6th episode. I do not feel sorry for anyone charged with a sexual crime. Marco was going to meet up with teenage girls to have sex with them and he feels he is being punished still? Absolutely! Look at the recidivism rate for sex offenders and ask yourself why these laws haven't been eased.

Apr 12th
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S1 E6: Stranger Danger

S1 E6: Stranger Danger

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