DiscoverIn the DarkS2 E2: The Route
S2 E2: The Route

S2 E2: The Route

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The case against Curtis Flowers relies heavily on three threads of evidence: the route he allegedly walked the morning of the murders, the gun that investigators believe he used, and the people he supposedly confessed to in jail. In this episode, we meet the witnesses who said they saw Flowers walking through downtown Winona, Mississippi, the morning of the murders. Some of their stories now waver on key details. Support investigative journalism with a donation to In the Dark.

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This is silly. "Every time another one of Curtis's trials,...... he didn't wanna go,...... but he didn't think he had a choice." "he might have to pay a fine....., be thrown in jail" SURE!! SURE!! For ignoring a subpoena those things may happen. Once in court why lie, while under oath, about seeing something? That's on him. Not the prosecutor or the judge or the jurors. I don't know if Mr. Flowers is guilty or not. It says a lot to me about what the interviewer thinks of the interviewee to portray him as not understanding that he didn't have to lie once in court. She has the gentleman admitting perjury and being part of a conspiracy to convict this innocent guy. Think about how condescending and RIDICULOUS that is.

Jun 29th
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Kimberly Holland

Smells like some back woods good old boy deep south rascism.

Feb 8th


whats up with all the missing audio? I keep thinking its a streaming error, but no, I can go back and the time is just missing. fantastic reporting, the first season was very interesting, although kinda felt repetitious by the last couple episodes until getting to the statistics of solved cases, but anyhow, very good and very dark material. listening to the last couple guys was quite disturbing. I'm halfway through second now, and the reporting seems to have matured even more since the first, but I dont find the material as compelling, just as a case anyways.

Dec 7th

Holly Whitten

something stinks with this whole thing.

Jul 27th

Thomas Jr. Amacker

Not one single credible witness....

Jul 26th

Lawrence Gentile

really good show! I like this season as much as the first.

Jun 2nd

Vincent Ruiz

How did he know what car had a gun in it? Explain that.

May 11th
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S2 E2: The Route

S2 E2: The Route

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