DiscoverIn the DarkS2 E7: The Trials of Curtis Flowers
S2 E7: The Trials of Curtis Flowers

S2 E7: The Trials of Curtis Flowers

Update: 2018-06-0581


There's one critical aspect of the Curtis Flowers case that we haven't looked at yet -- the makeup of the juries. Each of the four times Flowers was convicted, the jury was all white or nearly all white. So we decided to look more closely at why so few black jurors had been selected. And it wasn't always happenstance. Support investigative journalism with a donation to In the Dark.

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Lísa MK

is there no limit to the stupidity of middle aged white people??

Sep 12th

The miss

let Oliver Diaz sit one day in jail and then we will see how much faith he will have. what a stupid self righteous man.

Aug 20th


This episode makes me sick to my stomach

Aug 16th

Shane Hubbert

They don't mention how the blacks in Winona were too afraid to talk to the police. They were all threatened. There are a lot of things that were left out of this Democratic version. For instance, a black lady tried to lie to Judge Loper about being pulled over and harassed, minutes before arriving at the trial, just to try to stir up some racial bullshit. Another jurer lied about knowing him, but was his fucking first cousin. Look, the bastard did it. They found the money he stole, hidden in his headboard, and the box to the shoes he was wearing when he killed them. Facts.

May 16th
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did he seriously just say "we had some GOOD blacks..." For gods sake what the hell

Apr 3rd
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Vicki Robinson-Strand

This episode had me in tears. this kind of miss justice happens all over the word. I don't know how one can live with the lies. this poor family. that God for their faith.

Feb 9th


I guess I'm wondering... we can agree that Curtis Flowers did not commit this crime, but someone did. Has the defense done anything to investigate and find the real killer?

Dec 1st

Meghan Blake

these people think someone, a sane person would get so angry to kill 4 people after only working for the company for 3days? and not having any criminal background? I knew he was innocent when they said this was the motive. it's completely insane.

Nov 19th


I just about lost it when that a**hole said there were some "good blacks" on the jury. The racist South is still alive and well.

Oct 18th


are you kidding me, Oliver Diaz? fuck of shit, you are

Oct 10th

Emmanuel Amankwaah

This world is never fair. We blacks are not gonna gain peace. I pray that I never get into none of these shit. I will always stay out of trouble

Sep 30th

true crime addict

s2 epic 7 are u friggin kidding me??? what the f'd up kind of town is this? It's like I'm listening to something that happened in the 50's I would never be able to hold my tongue for real.....what a waste of time, money, air, space, justice, law, order and everything else that can be wasted!!! grrr I want to throat punch someone right now.

Aug 13th

Wendy Miller

This podcast is wonderful. Thank you so much for the investigating on behalf of Curtis. Doug Evans..... rot in hell!!! What a sorry white man you are. You are the reason we as white people are hated by blacks. Please know that you will reap what you sow. Curtis.... God bless you and your family. I loved the singing of you and your dad!

Aug 8th
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ka jong venus Park

this podcast makes me feel deeply in so many ways, one of which is a strong feeling of anger towards these clearly incompetent people being allowed to practice law and stand as jurors. so frustrating. I'm just deeply, deeply sad and heartbroken for Curtis, who has to sit through time and again, unable to stand up for himself in any way or manner. my heart goes out to him and his family, who are going through heart-wrenching times they do not at all deserve.

Jul 6th


Editing in this episode needs to be looked at. The narration is too rapid, it's quite frustrating to listen to.

Jun 12th
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S2 E7: The Trials of Curtis Flowers

S2 E7: The Trials of Curtis Flowers

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