DiscoverIn the DarkS1 E8: What's Going on Down There?
S1 E8: What's Going on Down There?

S1 E8: What's Going on Down There?

Update: 2016-10-1892


In November 2012, a police officer named Tom Decker was shot and killed in Cold Spring, Minn., after getting out of his car to check on a man who lived above a bar. The man was quickly arrested and held in the Stearns County jail. He was interrogated but then released without charges. The state crime bureau later ruled him out as a suspect. Investigators turned their focus to another man, Eric Thomes, who hanged himself before he could be charged with the crime. Nearly four years after the murder, Sheriff John Sanner has refused to close the case "because we're still hopeful that new information will come in," he said. Support investigative journalism with a donation to In the Dark.

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Very frustrating episode. Local control is not a bad thing. The choice should be with the people. What you should be doing a podcast on, is why do people vote for people that don't do their job. That is what the American people are tired of. Career politicians that don't produce, need to go.

Jan 9th

Cat Black

I'm so appalled at the incompetence and lack of caring from that Sheriff's office. They are supposed to be doing their job, not waiting for "luck" to solve the crimes for them. Just disgusting.

Oct 23rd

Linda Parker

I am late in listening to this but seriously about the man's 20 Year old missing son, the sheriff says, does it really matter now? Meaning does it matter what happened after all this time? Hell yes, that man's son is still missing! What if it were your child? That is horrible!

Jul 30th

I Hope Someone Relates

Very dangerous ground to hold law enforcement accountability to these rates. Step back and look at what would happen if you did... I see this system is broken, training is failing, not having uniform procedures are failing, not having comprehensive oversight from the people in power is failing.

Jul 22nd
Reply (1)

Alexis Baker

This is terrible and scarey but now i know

May 2nd

Mr. Nice Guy

Nothing in life is simple and the complexity of the in-depth reporting of these events and the issues which surround them is just fascinating. The "sound bite" world we live in now makes it all just a little too easy for us to make those quick, rash judgements about people or the events that happen to them. Love this series.

Jan 4th

Helena Del Rae

Wow what a brutal office

Jan 3rd

Lauren S Hopper

Pressure to improve clearance rate will increase innocent people being charged with crimes

Sep 26th

Sharon Collins

yes we do.

Sep 12th

Tacoma M.

you guys say "like" way way to much. Please correct this so i can listen. You're not like in High School anymore.

Jul 9th
Reply (2)

Charlotte Michel

It seems foolish to think that the sheriffs office would be better as an appointed office instead of elected. I can't see the decision being taken from the hands of the many and left to the hands of very few. Unless you oddly think that a few county board members are somehow gifted with more intelligence than the people who elect them or are infallible. The valuable service you provide by bringing the absolute and total criminal incompetence of the sheriff's office in this case, is what we have always depended on. Investigative reporting to bring to the populace. Knowledge to make these decisions can be the catalyst in great change. You can remove a sheriff from office for gross incompetence just like any government official. Having to go through multiple elected officials to do it increases the risk of corruption and keeping someone in the office, not the reverse. Keep up the fantastic reporting, I very much enjoy your show.

Jul 6th
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S1 E8: What's Going on Down There?

S1 E8: What's Going on Down There?

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