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TPJ 7: How to Be a Peaceful Partner

TPJ 7: How to Be a Peaceful Partner

Update: 2019-02-07


You might have been reasonably happy in your marriage before kids came along – but we all know that going from two to three is a major life change and some marriages don’t survive it very well.

It’s really hard to go from wife to mom, or husband to dad. Although parenting is hard, many find that it’s easier than marriage. And so we get stuck in our parenting role and neglect our marriage role.

You may feel you have more control, influence, and even love for your kids, which can make you feel more and more disconnected from your partner. If any of this sounds familiar, there’s hope!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How just like mainstream parenting advice is no longer working for families today, mainstream marriage advice is failing us. A new approach to relationships is needed.
  • How it’s possible to have a type of home life dynamic where:
    • We can all become extremely content and even in love with exactly what we have as we have it.
    • We can manage conflict with relative ease and experience high levels of connection and presence with our partners even with very young children.
  • How you don’t fix or find a soulmate you BECOME a soulmate.
  • Peaceful partnering – creating a loving, lasting, sustainable, and synchronized marriage.
  • 3 secrets behind the Parent In Love method.

Show notes:

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TPJ 7: How to Be a Peaceful Partner

TPJ 7: How to Be a Peaceful Partner