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Yn Greinneyder and Culture Vannin

Yn Greinneyder and Culture Vannin

Update: 2021-06-29


In this episode, Erin McNulty talks with Ruth Keggin-Gell, yn Greinneyder at Culture Vannin, an organisation that promotes the Manx language in the Isle of Man. They discuss the role of the Greinneyder, exciting future plans for Manx, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Culture Vannin’s work, as well as how to make traditional Manx cake!

Ayns yn episode shoh, ta Erin McNulty loayrt rish Ruth Keggin-Gell, yn Greinneyder ec Cultoor Vannin, commyn ta cur er oaie y Ghaelg ayns Mannin. T’ad loayrt mychione ny churrymyn jeh’n Greinneyder, ny plannyn greesee son y Ghaelg sy traa ry-heet, ny eiyrtyssyn jeh COVID-19 er yn obbyr ec Cultoor Vannin, as yn aght dy ghaarlaghey berreen Manninagh tradishoonagh!

Links & notes [also available at]:

2017-2021 Manx Language Strategy

Some Bonnag recipes (and a better description of it than we could come up with!) – Learning materials for beginners, intermediates, and advanced speakers. – A place to start exploring Manx music.

A link to Brian Stowell’s Dunveryssyn y Tooder-Folley (The Vampire Murders) – available to buy on

A video of Ruth performing Irree ny Greiney (Sunrise) by Bob Carswell (as well as some amazing shots of the beautiful Manx countryside).

This episode is in a mixture of English and Manx. It was recorded in April 2021. Links and notes also available on our blog here.

Host: Erin McNulty

Guest: Ruth Keggin-Gell

Music: “Kesh Jig, Leitrim Fancy” by Sláinte, CC BY-SA 3.0 US (, available from









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Yn Greinneyder and Culture Vannin

Yn Greinneyder and Culture Vannin

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