The 15 Most Popular Brazilian Podcasts on Castbox

The 15 Most Popular Brazilian Podcasts on Castbox

Brazil may not be winning the World Cup (this year), but they are certainly winning the podcast game. Boas notícias [good news]! Brazil is the 3rd biggest user of Castbox after the US and the UK to date. The Brazilian Castbox user subscribes to an average of 10 podcasts and spends more than one hour listening to podcasts every day. Since we have so many loyal listeners in Brazil, we have put together a list of the top 15 most listened to podcasts on Castbox in Brazil. Let us know what you think!

1. Nerd Cast

NerdCast is a leading podcast series in Brazil, boasting a rate of one million downloads per episode. In its 10+ years of broadcasting, the program has delved into just about every subject you can imagine. Topics include pop culture, history, science, cinema, technology, literature, and more!

NerdCastO mundo vira piada no Jovem Nerd

2. Inglês Todos os Dias

With Inglês Todos os Dias you can improve your English daily with these 5-minute mini-podcasts with Professor Tim Barrett of Learn English expressions, phrasal verbs, prepositions, collocations, and much more!

Inglês Todos os DiasAprimore o seu inglês diáriamente com estes mini-podcasts de 5 minutos com o professor Tim Barrett de www.domineingles.c …

3. Não Ouvo

Since 2015 Não Ouvo has been a humor and entertainment podcast hosted by Maurício Cid with Luide, Braian, and Igor. Every week themes vary from a simple and leisurely night talk with good music to the most humorous memories of their childhood. Come enjoy all the funny characteristics of the biggest blog in Brazil. VAMO ZUAAAAA !!!!

Não OuvoO podcast do Não Salvo!!!

4. Mamilos

Mamilos is a weekly podcast that searches the social networks for the most debated and controversial themes. After researching and finding the topic of the week they bring it to a deeper discussion with empathy, respect, good humor and tolerance. They present various arguments, visions, and ideas so the listeners are able to form an opinion themselves with more foundation and background. Our program airs every Friday and you can also listen to our podcast at

MamilosO Mamilos – Jornalismo de peito aberto, é um podcast semanal que busca nas redes sociais os temas mais debatidos (polêmi …

5. Matando Robôs Gigantes

Matando Robôs Gigantes follows the troubled minds of hosts Affonso Solano, Didi Braguinha, and Beto Estrada who meets weekly to discuss the nerd universe in Cinema, Games, Comics, Literature and pop culture!

Matando Robôs GigantesAs mentes perturbadas de Affonso Solano, Didi Braguinha e Beto Estrada se reúnem em podcasts semanais para debater o uni …

6. Braincast

Braincast is the podcast, which discusses the intersection between creativity, technology, digital culture, innovation, and business. It is an exploratory look at

BraincastBraincast é o podcast do, que debate a intersecção entre a criatividade, tecnologia, cultura digital, inovação …

7. ResumoCast

ResumoCast is a weekly podcast presented by João Cristofolini and Gustavo Carriconde, who discusses a business and entrepreneurship book in 30 minutes. New episodes come out every Monday.

ResumoCast | Segunda TemporadaO ResumoCast é um podcast semanal apresentado por Gustavo Carriconde que debate um livro de negócios e empreendedorismo …

8. Academia CBN — Mario Sergio Cortella

Academia CBN is hosted by Mario Sergio Cortella who reflects about daily life and human relationships.

Academia CBN – Mario Sergio CortellaReflexões e provocações sobre o cotidiano e as relações humanas.

9. Inglês Básico Todos os Dias

Inglês Básico Todos os Dias is the beginner version of ‘English Every Day’. Improve your English daily with these 5-minute mini-podcasts with Professor Tim Barrett of Learn basic English structures, phrases, phrasal verbs, prepositions, collocations and much more!

Inglês Básico Todos os DiasEsta é a versão para iniciantes do “Inglês Todos os Dias”.Aprimore o seu inglês diáriamente com estes mini-podcasts de …

10. Scicast

Scicast is the most entertaining science podcast on the Brazilian internet! It brings you weekly information that helps you learn about the Brazilian culture in a light, simple, and uncomplicated way.

ScicastO podcast sobre ciência mais divertido da internet brasileira traz semanalmente informação, cultura e diversão envolvend …

11. Reprograme Seu Cérebro Cast

Reprograme Seu Cérebro Cast hosted by André Buric, founder of BrainPower teaches listeners how to stay in control of your actions and emotions. Additionally, listeners learn how to let go of lack of energy, lack of focus, procrastination, and entering a new world and perception.

Reprograme Seu Cérebro CastVocê está no podcast do BrainPower | A Sua Academia Cerebral. Aqui você receberá sacadas para conhecer mais e mais o seu …

12. Central3 Podcasts — Xadrez Verbal

Central3 Podcasts hosted by Xadrez Verbal gives you the breakdown of world news happening around the World. Every week, hosts Matias Pinto and Filipe Figueiredo, from Verbal Chess, bring you the main news about international politics, with analysis, criticism, guests and a few minutes for debate. New less that one hour episodes are released every Friday.

Xadrez VerbalVocê nem sempre tem tempo, mas precisa entender o que acontece no Mundo, ainda mais porque o planeta está uma zona. Toda …

13. Café Brasil Podcast

Café Brasil Podcast is popular podcast, hosted by Luciano Pires who discusses the behavior, citizenship, politics, and culture in Brazil. It offers an unfiltered view of Brazil.

Café Brasil PodcastAqui tem seleção primorosa da MPB e reflexões não-trivias –e muitas vezes polêmicas– do apresentador, escritor e palestr …

14. Filosofia Pop

Filosofia Pop is a podcast all about philosophy and Brazilian culture. Marcos Carvalho Lopes and Murilo Ferraz both host the show and also bring along interesting guests who discuss and debate philosophical topics.

Filosofia PopPodcast sobre Filosofia com pitadas de referências culturais.Marcos Carvalho Lopes e Murilo Ferraz recebem convidados e …

15. 99Vidas

99Vidas is a fun and interesting podcast all about video games. It covers new releases, popular games as well as the classics and the unique games.

99Vidas – Nostalgia e VideogamesNostalgia, diversão e muita opinião sobre videogames. Toda semana (sexta) trazemos uma conversa descontraída sobre video …

If you are looking to understand Brazilian culture, customs, history or you just want to expand your knowledge of Portuguese or English, these 15 Brazilian podcasts will help you do just that.

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