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Author: Leo Dion and Erik Gillespie, productivity and kid wranglers

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a podcast of banter and being productive enough
36 Episodes
036. When to Quit

036. When to Quit


We're putting the show on hiatus, so how did we make the decision and what have we learned?
Some reflection on our OK 2019 and a glimpse at 2020
Laura Lopuch shares how to craft a great email and get the responses you want.
Positioning yourself and your product to stand out in the market
Author Allison Spooner shares tips and tools to complete your writing
Clearing your calendar can boost productivity, from the co-founder of
Tim Mitra shares simple approaches for learning at any age
029. Public Speaking

029. Public Speaking


Simple tips to become a better public speaker
Tips for planning events and building communities, from the organizer of PeersConf
Growing creative skills, with the founder of Digital Surgeons
Erik and Leo revisit sleep habits and how to build momentum for the day
This is how we make a podcast that doesn’t require every ounce of our attention.
We're halfway through 2019, so Erik and Leo follow up on goals and habits they've set for the year.
Christian Genco explains how splitting work into three responsibilities helps him avoid distractions and get more done.
Erik and Leo talk with Will Gant from the Complete Developer Podcast about journaling and how it helps with his productivity and progress.
Erik and Leo talk to Jonathan Baillie Strong of ComDev Media about organizing ideas, talks, emails, and more.
020. Multitasking

020. Multitasking


In this episode, Leo and Erik talk about multitasking, how to avoid it and keep attention.
In this episode, Leo and Erik talk about avoiding optimization and having a goal in mind to optimize.
Part 2 of 2. We review Atomic Habits by James Clear
Part 1 of 2. We review Atomic Habits by James Clear
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