DiscoverOK Productive036. When to Quit
036. When to Quit

036. When to Quit

Update: 2019-12-22


We're going to step away from the podcast, but the episodes, website, and social media accounts will remain.

Reach out if you have questions or want to say hi, and thanks for listening!

What led us to this decision...

  • Well first, why did we start?

    • We wanted to talk about things we're interested in

    • We wanted practical tips, not the productivity trap

    • We were feeling the courage to experiment

  • What decisions made us want to stop?

    • Growth was plateauing

    • We did the exercises in Traction by Gabriel Wineberg

    • Learned that growth would require more time and money

    • We were already constrained by both

    • We both want to focus on fewer initiatives in 2020

What we learned from the show

  • Struggles that we learned from

    • Fully understanding marketing

    • Productivity is a diluted and saturated topic

    • Importance of organization

    • Balancing guests and topics

  • The happy, fun, growing, learning side

    • Over 5,000 downloads

    • Documenting processes, scheduling, and content

  • Leo’s growth

    • Interview skills

    • Organization

    • Recruitment

    • Self-reflection

  • Erik’s growth

    • Learning from guests and each other

    • Improved image design that continues to be used in other projects

    • Channeling nervous energy into talkative yip-yap

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036. When to Quit

036. When to Quit

Leo Dion and Erik Gillespie, productivity and kid wranglers