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The Wellness Mama Podcast is a weekly series covering the topics of holistic health, real food, stress, sleep, fitness, toxins, natural living, DIY, parenting, motherhood, and other health tips to give you actionable solutions to improve your family’s life! Brought to you by Katie Wells of

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It’s no secret that our bodies are exposed daily to more chemicals and negative inputs than previous generations, by a large margin. Enter Dr. Shayne Morris, a biochemist and molecular biologist whose life’s work is how the body can achieve detox and rid itself of toxins at a cellular level.. Today, Dr. Morris will explain …
I seriously cannot wait to dive into this episode because we’re going deep on a topic near and dear to every mom’s heart (and sanity)… how to get better sleep! Whether it’s due to kids, working late, electronics addiction, or you plain just can’t sleep… too many of us are skipping precious hours of shut-eye. …
Dr. Mark Hyman just might be a genius. Do you know why? His latest book title puts into words exactly what health-conscious moms in grocery aisles everywhere are thinking… “What the heck should we eat?!” It’s certainly easy to get discouraged when sorting through all the conflicting health information out there. One health book says …
Episode Highlights With Dr. Ryan LazarusPillars of health: Move, Rest, Nourish, Learn, Connect, Challenge, SparkThe details on nutrition: the EAT planSalt should not be demonized and what we need to know about salt consumptionHow 3-5 grams of salt a day can be really helpfulPractical tips for getting enough high-quality sleep: routine, environment, timing, exerciseMovement tips you can do at home and the value of movement/play over exerciseTop-level pillars: learning, connecting, challenge, a...
Episode Highlights With Ryan LazarusThe life-altering event that drastically changed the course of his life and led to the work he does nowAn indoor soccer injury that led to severe health problems for him including type 1 diabetesWhat he learned in his own recovery and how this led to him helping people His epiphany that led to incredible results in his workThe four reasons people make changes: you have no other choice, when you learn enough that you want to, when you are inspired to by...
Episode Highlights With Cameron ChesnutThe things he does differently in parenting that make him a “weird” parent tooTinfoil hat topics for him with his kids and familyThings he avoids with his kids: vegetable oils, sugar, EMFsWhy he almost completely avoids sugar with his kidsHow insulin response as children can affect insulin sensitivity as adultsEven more reasons to avoid vegetable oils completely How certain foods contribute to chronic inflammatory states Why he completely avoid...
Episode Highlights With Dr. Cameron ChesnutWhat sets him apart as a surgeon How he trains like an athlete to show up best in surgeryRecovery protocols that set him apart from other surgeons How he makes sure he can show up for peak performance every time he enters the operating roomInflammatory states optimized - what to doHis routine for getting into flow state for every single surgeryA functional medicine approach to surgery and what you can learn from itWhy he even does genetic t...
Episode HighlightsWhat life looked like 10 years ago!What has changed on the Wellness Mama business sideHow my mindset has changed over this past decadePhysical health vs mental/emotional health - or both?How I lacked a work-life balance back thenWhat I wish I knew 10 years ago: light, protein, sleep, inner workThe real 80/20 is light, sleep, stress, community, and then nutrition and supplementsPrevious podcast guests I really enjoyed speaking with (and why!)Resources MentionedSelf DecodeNutr...
Episode Highlights With RoriHer own transformative journey with trauma and healingHow intimacy extends far beyond romantic relationships and some ways to help address itWhy she disconnected after childhood trauma and how she learned to reconnectWhat the 13 pathways of intimacy are and how she learned themWounds around intimacy related to competition among womenThe most common thing that comes up for women in her programResources We MentionDesire for IntimacyRelax Sauna - Use code Rori100
Episode Highlights With RoriWhat craniosacral therapy is and how she got into itWhat somatic emotional release isThe power of tuning into the subconscious mind and how to begin to tune into itConnection of breath and the subconscious mindThe four areas of the subconscious that she helps people work onOne simple way to tap into your intuition dailyResources We MentionDesire for Intimacy
Episode Highlights With Michelle GrosserThree lifestyle factors that help support nervous system healthHow to incorporate moments of stillness every day and how just 10 minutes a day can helpMovement as a healthy lifestyle factor for nervous system healthThe importance of ten minutes of play a day (and different forms of play/redefining that term)What language our nervous system speaks and how to communicate effectively with itSimple somatic techniques you can do at home for free to regulate ...
Episode Highlights With Michelle GrosserRegulated vs dysregulated nervous system statesWhy a regulated nervous system doesn’t mean we are calm all the timeSources of nervous system stress in our modern lifestyles The different nervous system responses to stress and how they look different in different peopleAcute steps you can try to regulate the nervous system in the momentWays to respond and address different types of nervous system responses Our bodies are constantly communicatin...
Episode Highlights With Ryan BlaserWhy indoor air can be more contaminated than outdoor airThe most common problems with indoor air qualityHow to test the air quality in your homeCO2 levels in the home and what to do about itWhat to know about mold in the home and how to test for itWhy mold is the biggest unknown health problem we are dealing with70% of homes have a mold problem they don’t know about itWhat to know about chemicals and water contaminants Reasons to have air filters in you...
Episode Highlights With Ryan BlaserThe most common EMF problems we encounter in our home environmentsOur bodies run on electrical signals, so things like EMFs can affect our bodiesTechnology isn’t going anywhere, but how to minimize any damage from itHow the wiring in your home can create EMFs you don’t know aboutMore reasons that spending time in nature is so beneficial Why nature is the gold standard for lighting and how to take advantage of thisWhat flicker rate is, and how this impac...
Episode HighlightsWhy I make an effort to get more sun exposure, not lessThe many benefits of light beyond just vitamin D exposureHow light improves our cells and is a huge health hackThe reason I consume a LOT of salt water and feel great when I doThe one natural ingredient I treat like the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding treats Windex and use for everythingResources MentionedJaspr Air FilterLMNTFunction HealthCastor Oil packsTruDiagnosticMasszymesPectasolCourtney Hunt, MD - InstagramD Minde...
Episode Highlights With Dr. Elisa SongThe state of children's health today, and why we are seeing some type of problemAlarming data about the rise of autoimmune disorders in children Why teenagers are at the highest risk and the most rapidly rising segment of the population for autoimmunityWhat to know about antibiotic use The time and place for antibiotics and what to do if kids need themWhen antibiotics can be avoided and what to try insteadAntibiotics are the single biggest disru...
Episode Highlights With Dr. Elisa SongHow she got into integrative pediatrics and holistic wellness for kidsWhat whole child resilience is and how we can nurture it in our kidsThe foundation of resilience in children What cellular resilience is and how to increase itWhy illnesses spike in the winterThe number one thing we can do to uplevel resilience in kidsHow the gut microbiome is the key to lifelong wellnessPsychological stress can affect the gut, and gut health can affect psychologic...
Episode Highlights With Mira DessyThe problem with fragrances and why she calls the cleaning product aisle "the aisle of death"How chemicals and fragrances affect the body and why it mattersWhy fragrance-free isn’t always a better alternativeFragrances can have a lot of harmful compounds involved and they aren’t required to list them The easiest and most important first things to swap out in your houseWhy dryer sheets are terrible offenders for home air The biggest offenders in pers...
Episode Highlights With MiraWhy preparedness is a growing trend How financial concerns are leading to more interest in having preparedness pantriesThe problem with most long-term food storage — highly processed foods Why access to clean water is so important with stored foodsHow much food and water do we need to store aheadA reason to have a regular pantry and a preparedness pantry How to figure out what your family eats over a two-week period to know what to storeFreeze-dried ...
Episode Highlights With Dr. Olivia LesslarThe science of the mind-body connection and why it matters so muchWays foreign things enter the body and why understanding this is importantWhat guardian sites are and how to support themHow to get the mind, body, and emotions in alignment It is only within a parasympathetic state that the body will healYour nervous system responds to the neurochemicals you pump out in relation to your emotionsThe biggest needle movers for supporting the nervous ...
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Dec 10th

Jason Ohms

I'm trying to listen to episode 92 about ear infections but I think a lot of your older podcast links are broken. Is there another source where I can listen to it?

Jul 10th

Sonia Gordon-Walinsky

such good sense!

Jan 14th

Cassandra Mulock

My cousin! wow 👏

Dec 21st


"If you take the 1.4 billion people around the world, which now is less, thank goodness....." Michael said, just after praising Bill Gates who has committed his life to depopulating humanity. Is this how Michael is committed to decreasing poverty - helping depopulate? Yikes!!

Oct 27th

Mylee Quach

Thank you for all the information. I am looking into it.

Mar 4th

Amanda Ragan

hey girl, love the podcast! I always assumed you would never struggle with your weight, because the podcast is so spot on with health. It is very refreshing to hear a raw truth. makes you very relatable for me. I have also had some struggles. I started dieting last year and began to hate myself. in a way I never felt before. this year I am doing the deep emotional work to heal and physical changes are happening. I threw away the scale but I can feel it. you cannot hate yourself into health. so powerful. thank you for the great info always provided on wellness mama.

Feb 21st

Audrey Clark

To answer your question in the description, I don't feel good about eating meat at all. It's an ethical standpoint that I don't want to kill something when I have a plethora of other plant based options available that are cheaper, tastier and better for the environment. From an environmental standpoint people need to eat less meat and buy from sustainable sources. From an ethical standpoint, I personally can't back eating meat since it's proven to be unnecessary in having a healthy life for me.

Feb 17th

Tonya Bennert

I appreciate the fact that you allow your guests to talk. So many podcast hosts do too much talking when it's the guest that we really want to hear from. Thank you

Feb 5th

Lindsay Schulze

My trusted resource of a wealth of holistic medicine for mind body and soul. Love her and appreciate her thorough research and her authenticity and intentionally.

Jan 15th

Blaze Baxter

I feel like my phone just spoke to me by this popping up. I'm already in tears and haven't even listened yet. I am struggling with the fact I can't afford explant. Thank you for getting the word out about this illness. Can't wait to listen...

Jul 22nd
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Nicole Montesi-Doak

this was so interesting!!! I would love to try these games before investing or hear from others who have used it but can't seem to find anything online! do you know where I could get some more information?

Jun 9th

Niclas Daniels

39:40 #mitochondria that are fragile and overwhelmed can't handle additional stress and will shut down, contributing to #chronicFatigue 54:00 #supplements to help with #anxiety etc

May 23rd

Rachel Rivera

So glad you finally talked about vaccines! It is a controversial topic but you're so brave.

Apr 23rd

George Bernwanger

Fantastic podcast. Really enjoyed it.

Apr 20th

Jack Worrow


Jan 31st

Jack Worrow

The one person who

Jan 31st

M Carter

I love the picture book for each child. Kudos to you! I am going to start that for my kids

Jan 1st

Danielle Westcom

I though she sounded off a little as well, but then I listened to it again. I think she just has a lot of energy and passion for what she does. I took a lot away from the episode, including a desire to have half of her energy!

Nov 6th

sanina fuentes

Hi Katie! I think you may have the wrong audio linked to this podcast - would love to hear about mushrooms! thanks for all you do!!

Oct 29th