DiscoverThe Rabbi and The Shrink#35: Giancarlo Pitocco - Three Simple Steps to Wellbeing
#35: Giancarlo Pitocco - Three Simple Steps to Wellbeing

#35: Giancarlo Pitocco - Three Simple Steps to Wellbeing

Update: 2021-10-28


If I could get an hour of your time back, what would you do with it?

What is your brain chemistry telling you about how to live a more productive and fulfilling life?

Have we fallen into the fallacy of “down time”?

These and other fascinating questions are addressed when digital wellness guru Giancarlo Pitocco returns to join The Rabbi and the Shrink.

1:00 Fred Rogers’s wisdom

You can love anyone if you understand where they are coming from

If we would take time to learn about people, we would feel affinity

The power of human engagement


5:00 Special effects and action give us a dopamine fix with little substance

We crave rapid-fire images and don’t have patience for genuine connection

“The only thing missing from any situation is what you’re not giving.”

~Marianne Williamson


8:00 Our phones help us avoid anything we don’t want to deal with

Five core insights to achieve digital wellness:




Leisure time



12:00 Larry Hagman’s Sunday word fast

The benefits of a technology sabbath

 Create structure in our overloaded lives

Create purpose-filled compartments to promote productivity

Brain chemistry dictates when is our prime time

Limiting use of technology

Taking responsibility for ourselves at work and home


18:00 Are we using our time wisely?

Bennet principle: the activities that require more energy leave us more energized

The fallacy of “down time” to regenerate 

Physical activities have more psychological payoffs than digital ones

The engagement of mind and creativity rather than disengaging through technology


23:30 What’s the difference between work and recreation?

Jogging, working out -- we do these because we understand they’re good for us, and we end up feeling better

 Why, Intention, and Will

We start with purpose, then commit, then follow through

Intention is your soul

Will is the connection between your soul and your physical body


31:00 Technology is designed to be addictive

SM platforms harvest our time and attention

FB have evidence that IG is toxic


36:00 How can parents help children develop healthy digital habits?

Enroll them in the process

Audit how you spend your time


40:00 No-nagging contract

What do we want to do?  What do we need to do?

Break up your day and create a schedule

Real wisdom comes from knowing why you do what you do

The paradox of Ben Franklin

 It feels good to exercise boundaries

Promote safety, trust, self-respect, courage, and love


47:00 The word of the day: enervate

To be drained of energy

We need to ignite ourselves into purposeful and meaningful action to energize ourselves

Boredom is the clash between ambition and laziness


52:00 As a family, pay attention to how you’re spending your time

“How do we feel about that?”

If I could get an hour of time back, what would you do with it?

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#35: Giancarlo Pitocco - Three Simple Steps to Wellbeing

#35: Giancarlo Pitocco - Three Simple Steps to Wellbeing

Rabbi Yonason Goldson and Dr. Margarita Gurri, CSP