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Bang for Buck When Buying Coffee Gear

Bang for Buck When Buying Coffee Gear

Update: 2022-03-221


Dear listener, beware! When it comes to buying coffee-making gear, ‘upgrade-itis’ is real. And it’s been hitting the pockets of coffee lovers everywhere.

Early symptoms include questioning whether to stick or twist, bewilderment at the range of choice, and uncertainty if spending those extra pounds on your kit can be tasted in your morning cup.

But, dear listers, fear not — because help is at hand. In this episode, Jools figures out where that golden sweet spot is when buying grinders, espresso machines and filter coffee set ups.
Are the savings from hand grinding beans worth the elbow grease? Can you really get a machine to make quality espresso for less than £300? And what’s the point of an automatic filter brewer? Coffee expert and Youtuber Lance Hedrick dials in from the Onyx Coffee Lab in Arkansas, USA, to help Jools and Scott identify the issues of diminishing returns.

So roll up your sleeve as we help you stave off that expensive ‘upgrade-itis’ before it’s too late!

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Bang for Buck When Buying Coffee Gear

Bang for Buck When Buying Coffee Gear

Jools Walker, Scott Bentley, James Harper