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Busting Coffee Myths

Busting Coffee Myths

Update: 2022-02-23


Dear Listener... We asked what YOU wanted to hear when we returned, and we LISTENED... so we're kicking off Series Three by busting some coffee myths!

The coffee world is absolutely filled with fables! Although we couldn't smash them all, the triple-threat of Scott, Jools and James take on the top three myths and separate the bean from the chaff to bring you the truth!

Is the fridge the best place to store your coffee? Jools gets on the line to Samo Smrke - an actual Coffee Scientist - to find out if that's fact or fiction.

Scott sniffs out the truth to discover if coffee has more flavour and aroma compounds than wine and chats to 2017 World Barista Champion Dale Harris - whose whole winning routine is based around sensory analysis!

James drills deep into the tale of coffee being the second most traded commodity in the world after oil, and gets the lowdown from Mark Pendergrast - best-selling author of Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee and How It Transformed Our World.

Did the AIC Team fracture some coffee folklore? Are they who you’re gonna call for Myth Busting?! Prepare yourself to be surprised at what they discovered in this episode!

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Busting Coffee Myths

Busting Coffee Myths

Jools Walker, Scott Bentley, James Harper