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Help! What is caffeine doing to me?

Help! What is caffeine doing to me?

Update: 2022-04-26


It’s every coffee drinker’s worst nightmare. You’ve rushed to that important morning meeting, but everything’s feeling a little hazy. You’re struggling to concentrate, and a nagging headache starts to creep in before you know it.

Then it hits you — you haven’t had your daily caffeine fix!

So what is it about this mysterious substance that can derail your whole day if you don’t have it? In a bid to find out, James conducts a cruel experiment with Scott and Jools, depriving them of coffee for 24 hours.

Producer man James bothers clever people to get to the bottom of what caffeine is and what it does to our bodies and brains!

Danielle Gulick from the Morsani College of Medicine explains how your morning cup can change your thinking. Lindsy Kass from the University of Hertfordshire tells us how some people can get away with a double espresso right before bed. Professor Jonathan Morris reveals how it’s not just humans who get a buzz from caffeine.

Ultimately we seek to find out: Do we really need to worry that an extra cup of coffee could be the end of us?

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Help! What is caffeine doing to me?

Help! What is caffeine doing to me?

Jools Walker, Scott Bentley, James Harper