Bonus: Spring in the Hive, Wisdom from the Bees

Bonus: Spring in the Hive, Wisdom from the Bees

Update: 2020-04-08


This is a special bonus episode that is the perfect compliment to the guided “Inner Hive Meditation for Embracing Stillness” in Episode 6

A few years ago we recorded a four part series on the wisdom the bees have to offer us each season. We love how these audios celebrate the life-death-life cycle, which Clarissa Pinkola Estes says is the essence of the Wild Woman. 

Having just celebrated the Vernal Equinox and the first day of spring for the northern Hemisphere, we want to share our conversation on what the bees have to teach us about the push and pull energy of spring. 

In this episode you will learn about bees, plants, intuition, and the importance of taking action on the thing you are called to do. 

In the episode Caitlin mentions the democratic voting process bees engage in while swarming and deciding where to make their new home. She researched this further and wrote about in her blog titled “Spring in the Hive: Wisdom from the Bees to Your Inner Hive”. If you’d like to learn more you can read the blog here:

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Theme music: A special thank you to these incredible artists, who created the music featured in our podcast: Wally Ingram, Stevie Blacke and Tom Freund. You heard portions of their tracks “Shine a Light” and “Udu ULove” from their record Spadé. 

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Bonus: Spring in the Hive, Wisdom from the Bees

Bonus: Spring in the Hive, Wisdom from the Bees

Emma Veritas and Caitlin Bosshart