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Episode 89: The Arisode

Episode 89: The Arisode

Update: 2022-03-21


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Today we turn our attention to our very own Ari! Join us as we get to know her journey before and after getting into programming. We hear from Ari about the time she spent working in her family's fabric business, some cutting and measuring techniques that she learned, her forays into studying engineering, and how she found programming around the age of 30. This leads to some discussion on conferences, boot camps, and how a brief experience can lead to a whole new direction! We then talk about getting into Vue and our regrets about the first code we wrote in the framework before we finish off the chat with some lighter thoughts on playing games and learning new skills. Stay tuned until the end of the episode to catch our latest picks, featuring a bunch of TV shows we are currently watching.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Ari's professional history, working in the family fabric business, and her path into programming.  

  • Studies in engineering and why this route did not pan out for Ari. 

  • The important conversation that redirected Ari's life and career.   

  • How conferences have influenced each of our lives and standout experiences we have had.  

  • What Ari learned at her first boot camp and the languages it covered.

  • Ari's first introduction to Vue and the first pieces of code we each wrote in the framework. 

  • Thoughts on starting new games; aversion to learning, enjoyment, and new abilities.

  • A reminder of where to find and connect with Ari online.  

  • This week's picks: Netflix shows, game shows, and Ari's headphones!


“Another great way to go to a conference for free is to be a speaker.” — @GloomyLumi [0:19:12 ]

"There was not a lot of documentation around deploying with a full-stack application. I had to figure that out on my own, which I did.” — @GloomyLumi [0:27:08 ]

“It’s pretty much never actually about the end product, at least not from a growth perspective as a developer.” — @GloomyLumi [0:28:20 ]

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Episode 89: The Arisode

Episode 89: The Arisode

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