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Ethiopia's Gift to the World

Ethiopia's Gift to the World

Update: 2022-11-15


In Ethiopia, the birthplace of Arabica coffee, Ethiopians spend hours roasting and brewing coffee in their living rooms.

But, have you ever heard of the Ethiopian coffee ceremony? If not, you are not alone.

Get ready, dear listeners, because James is going to take you, Scott, and Jools out of your regular coffee routine to see how coffee can be drunk quite differently.

First, we travel to Italy as James roasts coffee beans with his family’s long-time friend and family helper, a lovely Ethiopian woman named Elisa.

Then, Jools and Scott get treated to a coffee trader at the Ethiopian Embassy with the ambassador and Jame’s friend Ethiopian coffee exporter Michael Haile.

And, we also hear from an Ethiopian expat, Mekdes, who grew up with the ceremony at home and still practices it herself.

Get ready, because your morning coffee might just get a little more savory!

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Mesfin Tadesse’s Book ETHIOPIA - Home of Arabica Coffee: Early Use, Folklore, Coffee Ceremony, Origin, and Biology - Website:
Michael Haile’s Ethiopia Coffee Exhibition - Website:
Mekdes' recommendation Gwada Kitchen - Website:

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Ethiopia's Gift to the World

Ethiopia's Gift to the World

Jools Walker, Scott Bentley, James Harper