DiscoverThe Psychology PodcastIchi Yamada - The Secrets To Building Your Success Tribe
Ichi Yamada - The Secrets To Building Your Success Tribe

Ichi Yamada - The Secrets To Building Your Success Tribe

Update: 2023-06-04


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Welcome to The Psychology Podcast with your host Daniel Karim! In this captivating episode, we delve into the world of conscious entrepreneurship and sustainable innovation. Our special guest today is Ichi, the dynamic CEO and co-founder of Tropical Nomad, who has an impressive entrepreneurial journey to share.

Join us as we uncover Ichi's remarkable ventures as a co-founder of three thriving restaurants, a non-toxic natural bodycare brand, and a sustainable natural probiotic/prebiotic petcare product brand. With a burning passion for entrepreneurship and innovation, Ichi has made it his mission to connect with like-minded conscious entrepreneurs and professionals, fostering collaboration and building a sustainable startup community.

Hailing from Tokyo, Ichi brings over a decade of invaluable experience in the tech industry to the table. Having worked with global tech companies, serving Fortune 500 companies, global banks, and government agencies as an infrastructure consultant and systems architect, Ichi has developed a unique set of skills that bridge the worlds of technology and hospitality.

In this thought-provoking interview, we explore how Ichi's diverse background and expertise have contributed to the creation of a diverse and inclusive community focused on collaboration, innovation, and social impact. Discover the secrets behind Ichi's success as we uncover the strategies, mindset, and inspiration that have driven his entrepreneurial endeavors.

If you're curious about conscious entrepreneurship, sustainable startups, and the powerful intersection of tech and hospitality, you won't want to miss this engaging conversation with Ichi. Tune in to gain insights, inspiration, and a fresh perspective on building a business that makes a positive difference.

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Ichi Yamada - The Secrets To Building Your Success Tribe

Ichi Yamada - The Secrets To Building Your Success Tribe

Daniel Karim