DiscoverThe Psychology PodcastJulien Uhlig - The Dark Side Of Billionaires
Julien Uhlig - The Dark Side Of Billionaires

Julien Uhlig - The Dark Side Of Billionaires

Update: 2023-06-23


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Welcome to The Psychology Podcast with Daniel Karim! In this enlightening episode, we have the privilege of hosting Julien Uhlig, a German-born entrepreneur, investor, and business communicator. With an impressive background spanning finance, renewable energy, and technology, Julien is known for his talent for innovation, communication, and entrepreneurship.

Julien's diverse career highlights include managing deep technology programs funded by the German government and overseeing a massive corporate restructuring at Arensis Inc. during a management buyout. As a co-founder of EX Venture, he has played a pivotal role in connecting investors with startups in the cleantech field, making a significant impact on the renewable energy industry.

Notably, Julien's expertise as a consultant shines through his accomplishments in various industries. He has successfully managed deep technology programs and secured over 100 government grants for participating companies, valued at an estimated €20 million. Additionally, he has raised and consolidated over $150 million USD from leading Venture Capital Firms, Commercial Banks, Angel, and Crowd-Investors, demonstrating his exceptional network and business acumen.

Julien Uhlig's entrepreneurial endeavors have garnered global recognition, with features in renowned publications such as Forbes, Schneider Electrics, CNN, Mashable, Al Jazeera, LA Business Journal, Fast Company, and His achievements include being the Winner of the Unicorn Pitch Battle 2022, the world's largest startup competition, as well as participating in SharkTank China (Fight for Your Dreams). Notably, he has also been honored as the Best German Technology Startup and has received the Red Herring Winner Global and MTB European Scale-Up awards.

Join us on this thought-provoking journey as Daniel Karim engages in a transformative conversation with Julien Uhlig. Together, they delve into his remarkable experiences, share insights into the realms of finance, renewable energy, and technology, and explore the future of entrepreneurship. Subscribe to The Psychology Podcast to stay informed about future episodes filled with profound insights and enlightening conversations.

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Julien Uhlig - The Dark Side Of Billionaires

Julien Uhlig - The Dark Side Of Billionaires

Daniel Karim