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Kevin Carroll - The Psychology Of Play

Kevin Carroll - The Psychology Of Play

Update: 2021-09-101


“When I met Kevin, I saw a man who manages to preserve the wisdom of his inner child. This human ‘Katalyst’ is able to bring out of reality its magic and out of people its joy.”

Paulo Coelho

When I read the quote above on Kevin Carroll's website in 2020 I knew that I had to have the human 'Katalyst' on my show in order to ask him face to face what I can do in order to reconnect with the child within me once more.

During the time where I reached out to Kevin, I was working 100+ hours a week and I realized more and more that my bad Elon Musk lifestyle impersonation wasn't making my life better - quite the contrary was the case.

Instead of looking like a life champ, I started to look like a 70-year professor who couldn't speak or think about anything else that wasn't related to his work.

Even though my bank account and my library grew by the day - I realized that I had accidentally killed the kid within me in order to make room for the man that I felt I needed to be.

After losing a meaningful relationship with my workaholism, I woke up to the reality that too much of a "virtue" is actually a vice.

I was priding myself on my extreme endurance, nobility of character, and diligence - but underneath all of it was an addiction.

And addiction - no matter what the drug of choice is, is never a good thing - even if the drug is work.

While studying the many Ted Talks that Kevin Carroll gave - I realized that his material could not only help me to revive and integrate my inner child again - but also all my readers who were in danger of making the same mistakes that I made.

I'm honored to introduce you to Kevin Carroll - who in my mind, is the world-leading expert in the psychology of play.








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Kevin Carroll - The Psychology Of Play

Kevin Carroll - The Psychology Of Play

Daniel Karim