DiscoverPop-Up SubmissionsPop-Up Submissions: How to Get Your Book Published
Pop-Up Submissions: How to Get Your Book Published

Pop-Up Submissions: How to Get Your Book Published

Update: 2023-06-25


Come and join Peter Cox and his esteemed colleagues from the publishing
world for POP-UP SUBMISSIONS, the web's first ever live manuscript
submission event!
Join us live in the YouTube chat room every Sunday at 5pm UK / 12noon

Featured on today's show:

* Andreia Rodrigues, a 36-year-old Latin American woman living in Europe
for the past ten years, is the author of "Wild Dandelions". A health
professional, academic, and emerging author, Andreia has dedicated the
past three years to building up her literary writing skills.
Memoir / Narrated by Kay Leitch

* Tobias Robbins, a middle school teacher of language arts and history,
has recently published his debut novel, "The Remnants of Pryr". Robbins
is passionate about stories and has always considered himself a writer,
even though he has never been published before.
Sci-fi/Fantasy / Narrated by Beverley Dalton

* Violet Scott Clark is the author of "Wishing For a Fig in Winter," a
book written by a litigator, professor, child abuse & neglect
administrative hearing officer, and mother of two humans and a
Reading Group Fiction / Narrated by M.E. Lewis

* Sally Brockway is a multi-faceted author who has written the novel
"The Truth About Dust" after 30+ years as a journalist, two non-fiction
wellness books, and a fortune-telling journal. She has also written TV
spec scripts, radio plays, film scripts, and short stories. A mother of
three, she is currently working on her second novel.
Women's fiction / Narrated by Alison Gardiner

Starring on this week's panel… bestselling & award-winning horror
author BRIAN CLEGG! Together with Award-winning Memoirist JAMIE BOWMAN!

Check out Brian Clegg's website: BrianClegg.Net

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Pop-Up Submissions: How to Get Your Book Published

Pop-Up Submissions: How to Get Your Book Published

Peter Cox