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Update: 2023-08-06


Come and join the literary world's most exciting live event, POP-UP
SUBMISSIONS, hosted by Peter Cox!

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0:00 Featured on today's show:

00:03:04 Ione Smallwood is a healthcare worker from the UK who grew up
in the foggy moors of the Peak District. She has always had a passion
for writing dark tales and her debut novel, "The Moon Eater", is the
first instalment in the Gold series; a clean, three-part series for
young adults. Join Gold on her darkly humorous exploits as she discovers
the secrets of her past.
Young adult fantasy/horror fiction / Narrated by Hannah Faoileán

00:25:42 Helen Watts is a successful magazine publisher, online
retailer, editor and publisher for Scholastic and Heinemann. Her debut
YA novel "One Day in Oradour" won the Extraordinary Award at the
Southern Schools Book Awards, and her second novel "No Stone Unturned"
was shortlisted for several awards. Her latest book, "Escape From The
Rock", is sure to be another hit!
Young Adult / Historical Fiction / Narrated by M.E. Lewis

00:47:29 David McGuire is a 47-year-old marketing copywriter from
Cornwall, UK. He has spent the past two decades writing about everything
from cybersecurity to forklift trucks, and now he has put those skills
to use in his debut novel, "Jetsam". It is a fast-paced, emotional
adventure with a touch of Cornish folklore and a cast of memorable
characters. David's book is suitable for strong middle-grade readers
aged 10 and up, and leaves room for a potential trilogy.
Upper Middle Grade (Ambitious Readers, 10+) / Narrated by Jon Duffy

01:05:00 David Geey is a barrister who has written "Who Rules The
Rootless Tree" - his second middle grade novel. He is also the author of
short stories in verse for children. Geey's book is a lively and
captivating story that will delight readers of all ages.
Middle Grade Fantasy / Narrated by Beverley Dalton

Starring on this week's panel… paranormal romance author ROBIN JEFFREY!
Together with Esteemed Litopian ANNIE SUMMERLEE!

Check out Robin Jeffrey's website: RobinJeffreyAuthor.Com

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Pop-Up Submissions

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