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Update: 2023-07-30


Discover POP-UP SUBMISSIONS, an online event with literary agent Peter Cox and his associates from the publishing world. Every week, Peter and his guests, as well as the experts from the Pop-Up Genius Room, will assess manuscripts submitted by aspiring authors.

Join us live in the YouTube chat room every Sunday at 5pm UK / 12noon

Featured on today's show:

* Jack Burns is an author with an eclectic background. He has
"Bodyswitch" to his name, a book longlisted for a CWA Debut Dagger award. His journey to the writing world has been an interesting one, having gone to art school, busked in Europe, been a film extra, and played rugby.
Metaphysical horror/thriller / Narrated by Martin Ross

* Alex Steel is a multi-talented author who has "Torn Apart" as his latest book. He has had an incredible career as a musician touring with Elton John and Rod Stewart, co-writing a rock opera for the Edinburgh Festival, and writing and editing hundreds of articles. He has been published in the past and has been longlisted for the CWA Debut Dagger award and shortlisted for the crime thriller award at the Hastings
Literary Festival.
A Mike Delaney action thriller / Narrated by Hannah Faoileán

* Becky Jarnes is the author of the novel "Richter's Daughter". With an educational background in Creative Writing and a career in Anesthesia, she has crafted a captivating story of historical fiction. Becky has traveled to the many locations featured in her book, further enhancing her writing. She is a mother and a fossil hunter in her spare time.
Historical Thriller / Narrated by M.E. Lewis

* Tim Rees is a Welsh author with a background in BBC drama and a memoir, "In Service: The Story Of A Welsh Guardsman," published by The History Press. He has written seven novels, including the recently released "Royal Seal," as well as a film script and a novella. He has also had a short story produced by the BBC.
Thriller / Narrated by Geoff Sullivan

Starring on this week's panel… No. 1 bestselling author TIFFANY YATES
MARTIN! Together with Esteemed Litopian JON DUFFY!

Check out Tiffany Yates Martin's website: FoxPrintEditorial.Com

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Pop-Up Submissions

Pop-Up Submissions

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