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Update: 2023-05-21


Get ready to join literary agent Peter Cox and his esteemed colleagues
from the publishing world for the first ever live manuscript submission
Join us live in the YouTube chat room every Sunday at 5pm UK / 12noon

Featured on today's show:

* Garren Best is the author of the book "A Little Spark". He is a
26-year-old writer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a background in
athletics. Best has been writing for many years, and recently wrote and
published his debut novel "A Little Spark".
new adult fantasy / Narrated by Hannah Faoileán

* "Project Eaglestar" is the debut novel of Dave Newman, a retired
teacher raised in the home of Rugby Union and an eclectic background of
lab work, science equipment sales, bookshop management, theology, and
Eco Thriller / Narrated by Geoff Sullivan

* Miguel Aguera is an author and former Army serviceman and prisoner.
His book, "RIDER / Sophie's seeing Unicorns again", is a testament to
his resilience and determination to overcome adversity. Despite facing
challenges such as prison, homelessness, and mental illness, he has
attained a Diploma in I.T., a HND in Software Engineering, and is now a
warehouse supervisor. His passion for writing and family has kept him
motivated to keep pushing forward.
Speculative fiction / Narrated by Martin Ross

* Darren Adams is the author of "Biker Boy and the Road to Redemption". A
former teacher and driver for the local council, Adams has a background
in History from LSE and UCL, and is currently working on a fifth
century Arthurian novel, "Birth of a Legend".
Bildungsroman / Narrated by Jon Duffy

* Fiona Swinhoe is a thirty-five-year-old charity fundraiser, originally
from Sheffield, who has lived in Liverpool and Vietnam. She wrote
"Chelsea Roberts's Diary" to shed light on issues of consent and sexual
harassment in the post-Me Too era.
Contemporary women's fiction
Starring on this week's panel… leading British publisher NICOLAS
CHEETHAM! Together with Esteemed Litopian JON DUFFY!

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